90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Is One Couple Already Married?!

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Last month, we reported that 90 Day Fiance stars Jon and Rachel got married.

Not every couple is ready for the altar after 90 days, but documents showed that they had tied the knot.

Now, Jon seems to be hinting to followers that he and Rachel did get married. Take a look:

Jon Walters and Rachel Bear

"On the 20th December 2017," Jon's Instagram post begins.

The fact that he thought that the date was significant really piqued the interest of a lot of fans.

On that date, Jon writes: "Rachel and I walked down the aisle in a small 12th church."

Obviously, walking down the aisle is a significant phrase. It's a euphemism for marriage.

He says that this took place "in a small undisclosed location."

Rachel Bear with Her Passports

Jon's next words show that he may have been simply teasing their fans.

"The church was open to the public," Jon continues.

Well, if it was open to the public, then it sounds like the two of them may have simply walked in, walked around, and left.

"After a short walk around the church," he says.

Jon concludes the anecdote: "We went and had a nice hot cuppa."

Jon Walters

Getting married in December would have been sort of sudden.

It is believed that 90 Day Fiance began filming for this season during the 2017 holiday season.

Of course, there are those who believe that Jon and Rachel secretly met before filming for the show.

If so, the marriage in December would not have been that sudden, right?

Fortunately, we know the truth, thanks to some cyber sleuths on the internet and some court documents.

Rachel Bear of 90 Day Fiance

Johnathan James Walters and Rachel Ann Bear have been in an online relationship for ages.

The show teased that they would have hurdles and conflicts to overcome.

But considering that Rachel learned that she was pregnant with another man's child very early during her long-distance relationship without it breaking them up shows how much they like each other.

Legal documents show that the two of them applied for a marriage license in Arizona, where Rachel is from, back in June.

And British records show that the two of them solemnized their marriage while still in the UK -- back in May.

Rachel and Jon

Jon and Rachel have fewer obstacles than some 90 Day Fiance couples.

They don't have a language barrier -- well, except for a few goofy British phrases that your friend who gets way too into watching BBC America used and then dropped back in 2012.

They don't have to deal with racist backlast like some of the biracial couples face from their own families.

They are also almost exactly the same age.

It wouldn't have been the biggest surprise in the world if they'd gotten married in December, but that they appear to have waited until the beginning of summer shows that they were serious about getting to know each other in person.

That sounds like a very healthy sign to us. We're sure that Jon is only teasing his fans because he is so eager to announce that they married.

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