90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days: Meet the New Couples!

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is back with its second season.

This reality series follows international couples before they begin the 90 day K-1 visa process. Some of them meet for the very first time on camera.

Some relationships are clearly built to last. Others don't even make it to American soil.

Some of the couples that you're about to see are familiar, while others are new.

Take a look and decide for yourself who will make it.

1. Season 2 is here!

Season 2 is here!
Some of these names are so familiar that they'll make your blood boil. Others are so new that we're not even sure if both people involved are real. ...

2. Tarik and Hazel

Tarik and Hazel
Tarik (42) is an American father. Hazel (23) lives in the Philippines. The two met on an Asian dating app. Tarik's brother is heavily skeptical of Hazel's true motives, while Tarik is eager to get married -- though a little hesitant about cultural differences, because he is not religious.

3. Daya

This is Daya (26). He is from Algeria. He hails from a strict Muslim family and does not speak English, but he loves Marta.

4. Marta

Marta (30) is a stripper from WIsconsin who supports two children. She and Daya have been calling each other "husband" and "wife," but can he really accept her career?

5. Angela and Michael

Angela and Michael
Angela (52) is American, while Michael (30) is Nigerian. Angela has six grandchildren (yes, at only 52), but was inspired when Michael reached out to her. Some of her family are suspicious of his motives.

6. Darcey and Jesse

Darcey and Jesse
Darcey (42) and Jesse (24) are, of course, infamous. She's from the US and he is from Amsterdam and these two seem to be constantly arguing. Sometimes, those squabbles spill over onto social media.

7. A lot of fights are about one thing

A lot of fights are about one thing
Darcey and Jesse are volatile, so they can seemingly fight about anything. But one thing that comes up again and again is Jesse's looks. He is almost obnoxiously handsome. Darcey is older and feels insecure about the things that some fans write to Jesse on social media.

8. Despite that, there's good news

Despite that, there's good news
Jesse is finally spending some time in the U.S. with Darcey. Will he love it here, or get cold feet and want to return to Amsterdam?

9. Rachel and Jon

Rachel and Jon
Rachel is 33 and hails from New Mexico. Jon is 34 and comes from the UK. The two have carried on a relationship online for a couple of years -- even though Rachel gave birth to another man's baby during that time. But will Jon's dating history be enough of a red flag to end their romance?

10. Ricky

Ricky is 33 and lives in Ohio. He is a father and he has been sending money to Melissa, 28. A lot of people think that this relationships, which has lasted for only a few months, is a case of catfishing.

11. Melissa

Every time that 28-year-old Melissa attempts to video chat with Ricky, the video seems to have mysterious problems. Fans believe that either someone is catfishing Ricky ... or TLC just wants it to appear that way to drive up interest.

12. Paul and Karine

Paul and Karine
Paul (24) and Karina (21) are one of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days' most alarming couples, and they're back. Karine is young and Brazilian and very nice, but Paul's criminal history paints a very alarming picture.

13. Paul is still creepy

Paul is still creepy
Paul finally tells Karine's family about his criminal record, which only adds tot heir concerns. They have already questioned why he is dating a girl from another continent -- a much younger girl -- and have suspected that something about him scares away other American women.

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