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It was Bethenny Frankel vs. her co-stars on The Real Housewives of New York Season 10 Episode 20, and it made for one of the most explosive reunions in franchise history. 

Ramona Singer, Dorinda Medley, and Carole Radziwill joined some sort of clique before the taping and vowed to take Bethenny down. 

Bethenny Frankel Lays Down the Law
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It was bizarre, and Frankel struggled to get a word in edgeways. It got so bad that Andy Cohen had to jump in to shut the ladies up. 

"I wanna hear her f***ing answer and then you can respond!" Andy yelled at the ladies because he wanted to hear how Bethenny’s answer was going to pan out.

"’Don’t say I’m f***ing fake with your fake t**s," screamed Ramona who was tired of Bethenny looking down on her. 

"Ok," said Bethenny in a somewhat subdued response as Sonja Morgan leaped to her defense.

Ramona Singer in Black
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"And what are Ramona’s? One hundred percent real?" Sonja quizzed. 

"I had them when I was 55, she did them when she was 30," said Ramona in one of her silliest responses to date. 

"Ok, well they’re both fake," Sonja confirmed. 

At one point, Andy revealed that former cast member, Jill Zarin emailed him to let him know that she was dating a man from Ramona’s past. 

"That’s true, we went on four dates," Ramona insisted.

"I wasn’t even divorced yet; my foot was just in the pool of getting divorced. I wasn’t ready for a relationship."

Andy Cohen is Handsome
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"Well that’s wild," Andy revealed after not getting the response he expected.

The conversation then turned to Bethenny’s reunion with Jill following their huge falling out, and how it was filmed at Bobby’s funeral. 

Ramona said it was bizarre that Bethenny had the production crew up there. 

"We all went without really wanting to film it," she continued. 

"I don’t wanna be filmed at Bobby’s funeral," Dorinda barked. "Morbid. I want to be informed so I can avoid the cameras at a funeral."

Dorinda Medley Attends Premiere
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"Actually we were invited by Jill. We wanted to cover the funeral," said Andy after he realized that the women were pinning everything on Bethenny. 

Ramona then claimed that Bethenny was on only "jumping out of the car to be on camera" with Jill. 

"Good. And I’m glad she did because I wanted to see that," he said, snapping at Ramona. 

"It was a beautiful moment," Sonja said, but it was not enough to appease the other women. 

"I didn’t really think it was a genuine thing. It just didn’t feel natural, someone had just died — you don’t use someone’s death to do this," Ramona said after calling Bethenny "opportunistic."

"Well that’s not how Jill feels," Sonja responded.

Sonja Morgan Image
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"You know what the most important thing is? Jill was happy," said Bethenny.

"It’s not about Ramona. Jill was so happy, so you should be so happy for her."

Bethenny did not want to have lunch with Jill just yet, and Dorinda had the most perfect response:

"I guess no cameras."

"That makes sense," said Carol while grinning from ear-to-ear. 

"Whether you guys like me or hate me is irrelevant, I am very grateful, and the people are grateful, thank you for donating," Bethenny said of the people who helped her relief efforts in Puerto Rico. 

"You create animosity with all of us," Ramona yelled at her. "You just don’t support us. You don’t like to engage us or compliment us. And it’s really, really upsetting to us."

Bethenny Frankel in Orlando
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"You’re very negative. You’re the mean girl, the bully."

"You have only been nasty to me for years," Bethenny barked back. 

Bethenny then opted to get personal and dragged Ramona’s business ideas, and why they did not make the show. 

"Oh my God, I can’t take her lies anymore! I may walk off for her lies! Oh my God," Ramona screamed. 

"I put myself through college, unlike Bethenny who had a rich father who put her through college, had her own car… I’m self-made, OK," said Ramona of her past. 

"I’m not terrible to you! Take a mirror; you’re such a bitch to me!" Ramona said after Bethenny claimed she was terrible to her. 

"You don’t have friends. You’ve lost her now," Ramona said while pointing at Carole. 

Bethenny then took it upon herself to drag Carole:

"Can I just talk to her directly, woman-to-woman, is it possible, Carole? This isn’t very heated; we’re OK right now. We will call you when we need you."

Carole Radziwill Insta Pic
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"Such a bitch," Carole said to Andy. 

While Luann de Lesseps was not at the reunion, she was still being dragged through the mud.

"When a white person puts on an afro, and then you start bronzing the skin…" Andy said, adding: "Diana Ross didn’t even wear an afro."

The conversation then turned to the excessive drinking shown on-screen for Dorinda throughout the season. 

"Of everyone here, the whole season I’ve been the one who has called attention to your drinking in a constructive way," said Bethenny of the claims that she was the one causing all the drama. 

"It’s not constructive to call someone a drunk on television, Bethenny," Carole interjected.

Carole Radziwill Wears Orange

"It’s not constructive calling someone a narcissist multiple times on television, but that didn’t stop you from calling me one," Bethenny yelled in response. 

"Do you think that you have a relationship with alcohol that is sometimes unhealthy?" asked Andy to Dorinda. 

To the surprise of everyone, Dorinda confirmed that she thought she had a problem, but said she can’t really handle alcohol. 

"It’s just denial," Bethenny said. 

"I actually think I was suffering from a depression," Dorinda said.

"I really didn’t know my place anymore, I had total empty nest syndrome, I was sort of down, and I was heavy — mentally, physically."

Bethenny Frankel in May 2018
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Dorinda then said that she had to make some changes, and tried to implement them. 

"But it didn’t give, after that you were drinking in the morning," said Bethenny. 

"I’ve spoken to you in the morning where you sound drunk and out of your mind," said Dorinda. 

"’I’m sure," Bethenny responded. 

Yeah, that was one of the craziest episodes yet, but what will the second part bring? 

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