Shahs of Sunset Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: A Short Kiss Goodnight

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A new season of Shahs of Sunset can only mean one thing:


When Shahs of Sunset Season 7 Episode 1 got underway, Reza Farahan wanted to remind viewers that he was still the busiest Bravolebrity around. 

Adam Neely, Reza's husband, was still going on about starting a family. Yes, it looks like they are getting the same storyline they did for Shahs of Sunset Season 6

"Stressing about the house and getting all this baby pressure, I'm spread real f***ing thin," yelled Reza as he didn't only walk red carpets and get paid to promote things on social media. 

We kid, mostly. 

The cast then got ready for a trip to Big Bear, and Mike Shouhed could not help himself by telling his fellow cast members that there was a new girl on his radar named Mona. 

"We're friends, for now," said the 39-year-old.

"I'm done partying, and I want to have a family," he confirmed to his friends.

Yeah, if you watch Shahs of Sunset online, you know that Mike does not have the best track record for keeping it in his pants. 

Golnesa Gharachedaghi

Mona showed up at the lodge with her brother Nema, and there was something off about their relationship. 

"It's for sure an Angelina Jolie brother vibe like if she won an award you know Nema's going to be there trying to stick a tongue in that mouth," laughed Destiney Rose. 

There was also something off with Nema. He was talking about his girlfriend, and how much he loved her. However, he was also flirting with GG. 

As the friends chatted, GG admitted that she wanted to have a child within the next year. 

"I wanna have some sperm," she announced to her friends, adding that the sperm donor had to be "healthy and wealthy."

"I would do that," said Nema. 

Nema Vand

"I see her, and my rational thought goes out of the window," said Nema, before begging her to accompany him on a dinner date. 

This dude had a girlfriend of over a year when this episode was filmed, so we think it's fair to say he's one to watch and not for the right reasons. 

Nema then asked for a kiss, but GG shut it down but confirmed she would go on a date in Los Angeles. 

"It can't kill anybody, but it can get me in some s***," GG said.

"It's between us," Nema responded. 

GG went on to open up about the breakdown of her marriage to Shalom. 

"I began seeing sides to him that were frightening," she said before confirming that "diamonds are forever."

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedagh Promotes Shahs of Sunset

"I literally have no sexual desire anymore, I don't know if it's my libido or if it's because I'm so turned off by Shalom," she continued.

Mike tried to get close to Mona and said "it's a done deal" when he attempted to get close to her. When he was shut down, he changed his stance, saying her "philosophies" were different from his. 

Okay then. 

"When he meets a woman that's not willing to drop to her knees within, I'd say 12 minutes of meeting him, it's a blow to his ego," said Reza.

Mike Shouhed Promotes Shahs of Sunset

As for MJ, well she was planning her wedding, but she did confirm that the rumors about her sleeping with Reza several years before were true. 

Yes, things are getting crazy, and it's been just one episode!

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