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It’s been three weeks since Justin Bieber got engaged to Hailey Baldwin, and millions of Beliebers are still reeling in shock from the news.

Of course, no one was more shocked than Justin’s most famous ex, Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Split

Reports about Selena’s reaction have varied, but accounts concur that she was shocked by the engagement.

Some have claimed that Selena was happy to be rid of Justin for good, while others say she would do anything to win him back.

The former scenario was always much more believable, and it’s supported by a new report from Star Magazine.

The tabloid claims that Selena recently wrote a letter to Justin congratulating him on his engagement.

“Selena was initially blindsided by Justin’s wedding plans, but after lots of contemplation realized it’s for the best, and told him so in a letter,” a source told the tabloid.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Kiss

“She told pals it gave her enormous closure, because it marked the end of a long, painful chapter of her life.”

The insider claims that with the mailing of the letter (frankly, we’re finding it tough to believe that Selena really still uses snail mail, but whatever), Selena felt that she had permanently turned the page on an important chapter in her life:

“Selena doesn’t want to be linked to Justin forever,” the insider said.

“She really just wants to get on with her life. She doesn’t want to be part of the Justin circus anymore.” 

A separate source says Selena looks forward to a future in which she and Justin can enjoy a relationship as platonic friends and share memories of their time together: 

Selena Gomez Turns 26

“Selena hopes to get to a point where she looks back on her time with Justin fondly and moves on," the insider claims.

"At the end of the day, she only wants the best for him.” 

Well, if this report is accurate, then that’s awfully mature of Selena.

Of course, it’s no surprise that she would seize the opportunity to be the bigger person.

Not only has she always been much more emotionally evolved than Justin, she’s now unburdened of the baggage that may have prevented her from seeking out a relationship with someone who’s actually on her level.

It’s a win-win!