Paola Mayfield FINALLY Answers Those Plastic Surgery Questions!

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90 Day Fiance fans are still rejoicing at the news that Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield are expecting their first child. But that doesn't mean that they don't still have questions on other topics.

Paola is a fitness model, and a lot of people want to know about what work she's had done on her face and body.

Now, Pao is addressing those plastic surgery questions that fans have been asking -- and she's answering all of them.

Paola Mayfield Shows Her Covered Baby Bump

Paola shared a new glimpse at her ever-growing baby bump and answered some questions in the captions.

"Hi loves," Pao's post begins. "Some people have asked me if I have done something to my face."

That's a rude question, right?

Paola says that they keep asking "since I look so different since I got to the USA."

"And," Paola replies honestly. "The answer is yes and no."

Like so many answers, hers is a little complicated.

Paola Mayfield Stuns

Paola then begins her list of areas where she has and has not had work done.

"Lips?" she writes. "I fixed only one side of my upper lip that was uneven."

Hey, all of our meatsuits are purely luck-of-the-draw. There's no shame in getting yours touched up.

Paola then explains: "My lips look big or small depending on how hydrated I am!"

"So," she continues. "I need to drink a lot of water for them to look juicy."

That's a free beauty tip right there.

Paola Mayfield for Maxim's Finest

"Botox?" Paola continues. "Nope, and I’m really scared of getting into that world."

Botox of course uses a potentially deadly toxic to change a person's looks. Many people worry about the long-term effects that it could have, particularly upon the liver.

"If I want it to look younger or to change the shape of my face I will do it," Paola promises. "But for now I’m good with this face."

(She should be!)

"I think I have accomplished so much with this face," Pao writes. "That I’m keeping it!"

"I’m not against it," she says, referring to changing one's face. "And probably one day I will try it and I will definitely make a Vlog about it!"

Paola Mayfield, Pregnant and Loving It

Now Paola gets to the good stuff.

"My Boobs?" Pao says. "I did my boobs way before I came to the USA."

She then goes on to share that she's kind of regretting that now.

"And," she continues. "I regret it as I have big boobs before and now that I’m pregnant my genetics are popping out more."

"My Butt?" Paola writes. "That is one 100% hard work, dedication, and genetics!"

Good for her for reminding her fans that a huge part of anyone's looks, including body shape, is always going to be genetics.

Paola Mayfield Wants Your Attention

In addition to clarifying where she has and has not received a little medical assistance in her looks, she also addresses what technological resources she has or has not used to make her photos even better.

"Face-tune or photoshop?" she writes. "Nope."

Paola credits any changes to her face to "the magic of makeup and contouring."

She is absolutely right -- it does seem like magic. And to people who don't understand how makeup and contouring work, it can seem like the person's face is totally transformed. It really is an art form.

Paola wishes her fans and followers well, signing off by writing: "Have a wonderful and beautiful day!"

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