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As you may know, Leonardo DiCaprio is somewhat popular with the opposite sex.

And by that we mean, if you’re a female model who’s currently between the ages of 18 and 45, he’s had sex with you at some point. 

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Anyway, now that George Clooney is married, DiCaprio is the last of his kind.

These days, all his former wingmen are warming up baby formula and making weekend trips to Home Depot, while poor Leo is still kicking recent high school grads out of bed so he can spend the afternoon watching Entourage reruns.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that the former Chief Officer of the P-ssy Posse is finally settling down.

Yes, according to Us Weekly, Leo may have already popped the question to his current girlfriend Camila Morrone.

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“They’re very in love and serious," an insider tells the tabloid.

"They’ve talked about getting engaged.”

Hopefully, Camila hasn’t filed paperwork to change her last name just yet.

We’re sure DiCaprio has "talked about" engagement with quite a few of his former flames.

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But discussing the possibility and actually springing for the ring are two very different things.

According to the insider, however, Leo has “never loved a girl like this.” 

The closest he ever came it seems, was when DiCaprio dated Giselle Bundchen from 2000 to 2005.

“Gisele wanted to get married and Leo felt he was too young at the time," says the source.

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Yes, it seems Tom Brady was Giselle’s second choice, which is severely baller on her part.

It’s anyone’s guess how long Leo and Camila have been hooking up, as Dicaprio has been his usual secretive self about the relationship.

Here’s what we do know about Camila so far:

She’s a model (of course), and she’s 21 (double of course).

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So she’s definitely Leo’s type — unfortunately so are a few thousand other women in the greater Los Angeles area.

And even as he approaches his mid-forties, the actor is still very much like that pink selfie wall on Melrose — sought after by Instagram models the world over.

Lately, DiCaprio has moved away from blondes, which could work in Camila’s favor.

Unfortunately, the fact that he’s Leonardo DiCaprio means that the likelihood of him putting a ring on it remains infinitesimal.