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John Stamos sky-rocketed to fame on Full House for often saying the phrase have mercy.

But a certain question has been making its way around the Internet for the past few years, one that can be summed up as follows:

Did Stamos also have his way with co-star Jodie Sweetin in bed?


That is, have Stamos and Sweetin slept together?!?

Yes, this really has been a topic of speculation among social media users, despite the fact that Sweetin is 36 years old and Stamos is 55 years old and has spent a portion of his career portraying her uncle on screen.

And the subject was raised again on Monday after Sweetin jumped on Instagram to wish Stamos a very happy birthday.

Along with the throwback photo featured below, the actress wrote the following cute caption:

“Happy Birthday, Uncle J! My, my… we’ve made quite the memories these last 30+ years!

"I can’t believe you’re about 10 years younger than I am currently in this photo!! We were babies! (Well, I actually was… haha).

"Love you so much.”

Swetin Flashback

Pretty sweet, right?

Not to one commentator, who responded to the birthday wishes as follows:

"How can you still say uncle to him when it’s been reported that you slept with him?! That’s just nasty."

Sweetin seemed taken aback by the inquiry and the remark, replying as best she could in the moment:

“Hahahah…um…what?! Yeah…that’s def not true.”


Not only are Sweetin and Stamos 19 years apart in age (which is nothing, if you were to ask Dane Cook), but they’ve known each other for decades.

They played Stephanie Tanner and Uncle Jesse, respectively, on Full House from 1987 to 1995; and then reprised their roles in Netflix’s revival/reboot Fuller House.

So, Stamos has known Sweetin since she was five years old, making the mere suggestion that he did anything with her sexually to be gross, disgusting and totally abhorrent.

Seriously, Internet, where do you come up with this stuff?!?

John Stamos Smiles

Sweetin, meanwhile, is currently dating some guy named Mescal Wasilewski. They’ve been together since November.

The actress previously was married to Shaun Holguin from 2002 to 2006; and to Cody Herpin, with whom she shares nine-year-old daughter Zoie, from 2007 to 2010.

The star is also mother of daughter seven-year Beatrix with ex-husband Morty Coyle, from whom she separated in 2013 after two years of marriage.

Stamos, for his part, is mad crazy handsome.

He welcomed a son named Billy in April with his wife, model Caitlin McHugh.