Jinger Duggar Posts Pic of Sleeping Daughter; Fans Lose Their Minds Due to Cuteness Overload

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It's only been a couple of weeks since Jinger Duggar welcomed her first child, but as any parent knows, it feels like a lifetime.

In following with a tradition established by her older siblings, she's been dutifully sharing her joy with millions of fans on social media.

Jinger, Jeremy and Felicity Vuolo

Photos of little Felicity have been all over Jessa's Instagram, and now, the newest addition to the Duggar clan has made her print media debut.

That's Jinger, Jeremy and Felicity posing for People magazine above. Try not to make a scene swooning if you're in public.

Like we said, it's not the first time Duggar Nation has laid eyes on Jinger's baby girl, but the reaction is one of pure elation every time.

Of course, no one is more excited than Jinger and Jeremy, who have been gushing about Felicity every chance they get.

Jinger Duggar Baby Pic

The happy couple wrote in a recent blog post:

“We are so thankful to have our sweet girl home with us! She is the biggest blessing and we are elated to be her parents!”

“It’s incredible being first-time parents."

Having a child, they say, is "something that you think about and dream about, but when it’s actually here, I think the reality hits you."

"It’s just the sweetest thing in the whole world.”

Jinger Duggar and Daughter

In a video introducing Felicity to the world - another Duggar tradition - Jinger and Jeremy showered the little girl with more love and affection:

“I think the most exciting thing about having a little girl is seeing this little piece of Jinger and me together,” said Jeremy.

The couple, who tied the knot in November 2016, after which she moved in with him in Texas, is totally smitten with her.

You can't blame them for that, can you?

Jinger Vuolo

As for the name, it's remarkably traditional by Duggar standards (this is the family that gave us baby Spurgeon, after all).

Jinger and Jeremy explained the choice thusly:

"Nicole, because that's Jinger's middle name, and a way to honor her," Vuolo, a former soccer pro turned minister, explained.

"Felicity really describes supreme joy ... the joy we have in this little one and the joy that we pray she would have throughout life."

Well, nothing can quite live up to Spurgeon in the Duggar baby name department, but we suppose that will have to do.

We kid, of course. We kid.

Felicity is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl, and Jinger remains one of our favorite members of this famous family.

Our sincere congrats go out to Jinger, Jeremy, and the whole Duggar clan during this joyful time in all of their lives!

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