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In the years since she retired from the world of adult film, life hasn’t always been kind to Jenna Jameson.

Jameson has struggled with addiction, endured brushes with the law, and battles with depression and anxiety, all before an audience of millions of social media followers.

Jenna Jameson in the Hospital
Photo via Instagram

Thankfully, the mother of three has managed to turn things around as of late.

In April of 2017, Jameson welcomed her third child, a girl named Batel Lu.

In the months since giving birth, Jenna has devoted herself to living a healthier lifestyle and 

Just last month Jameson showed off an astonishing 57-pound weight loss on Instagram, and it seems she’s continued making progress since then:

Jenna Jameson Is Skinny
Photo via Instagram

The 44-year-old posted the above photo earlier this week along with a lengthy caption in which she discusses the lessons that she’s learned over the course of her weight loss journey.

“One aspect of fear that we all trip over is fear of failure,” Jameson wrote.

“This was the major component in my procrastination on getting healthy after having Batel. I kept trying to convince myself I was ok with my “new” size. I wasn’t,” she continued.

“It really was fear of failing. I was so afraid I couldn’t reach my goals like I was so accustomed to, I just told myself ‘why bother?’ I conquered sobriety, but that came with a whole set of new issues… actually FEELING my feelings. Raw, painful feelings.”

Jenna Jameson Before, After
Photo via Instagram

Jameson went on to reveal that she’s now lost 63 pounds in a matter of months.

She says she’s officially reached her ideal weight of 123 pounds.

“Batelli is 17 months and I’m 123. I did it,” she said.

“So to finish up this long a— post, just know it’s normal to fear failing at losing your weight… but if you don’t try, you’ll never know the utter triumph when you do achieve your goals.”

But despite shedding an astonishing number of pounds in a very short period of time, Jameson says she has no intention of slowing down:

“When I do make these before and after pictures it motivates me to continue!” she recently wrote on Instagram.

Jenna deserves to be commended for her weight loss thus far, and it looks as though she achieved the awesome feat through commitment, exercise, and devotion to the ultra-low-carb keto diet.

But at 5’7″, 123 pounds makes for a mighty thin frame, and fans have begun imploring Jameson to slow down in her fitness routine.

As far as we can tell, there’s no cause for concern just yet, but here’s hoping Jenna continues to prioritize being healthy over being thin.