Jenna Jameson Flaunts Astonishing 57 Pound Weight Loss!

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Jenna Jameson has been retired from porn for over ten years now, but she's still one of the handful household names to emerge from the adult industry in the '90s and early 2000s.

While she raked in a ton of cash during her career, Jameson's life has deteriorated recently into the sort of cautionary tale that the porn world produces so consistently.

Jenna Jameson Green Hair

In the past few years, Jameson has been arrested; she's been involved in multiple unhealthy relationships; and she's appeared intoxicated and incoherent in numerous TV appearances.

She's been both a victim and a perpetrator of awful behavior.

She's lied; she's cheated; she's said horrible, racist things on television and blamed others when she was called out for her comments.

In other words, she's what 60 million or so Americans would consider presidential material.

But despite the many times Jenna has let us down, we're still rooting for her.

Jenna Jameson Weight Loss Photo

We're mostly rooting for her to stop being racist, but maybe a more positive worldview come more naturally now that she's taking care of herself.

As you can see, Jenna has shed quite a few pounds in recent months -- 57 pounds to be exact.

She posted the before-and-after pics above to her Instagram page this week along with a caption describing her process:

"Thought I’d post a #motivationmonday #beforeandafter of my total weight loss," Jameson wrote.

"On the right I weight 187. On the left I’m a strong 130. I was lethargic and struggled with the easiest of tasks like walking in the beach sand with Batelli.

Jenna Jameson Before and After

"I felt slow mentally and physically. I took the pic on the right for a body positive post I was going to do and decided against it because I felt anything but fucking positive," she added.

"I’m now a little under 4 months on the #ketodiet and it’s not only given me physical results, I feel happier, smarter, and much more confident."

Jameson also posted a second before-and-after pic, this time offering specifics about how eschewing carbs has changed her life.

This has been a strong week for my Keto lifestyle results. I’m no longer really losing fat, I’m tightening," she wrote.

"I see and feel the biggest difference in my arms and back.

Jenna Jameson Chest Out

"When I was out of shape, I felt really thick through my core and trap and arm area. That’s finally starting to go."

Yes, the keto diet is working wonders for lots of people these days.

But until they invent carb-free french fry sandwiches, it simply won't be for us.

Anyway, congrats to Jenna on her remarkable transformation.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go bury our shame in an avalanche of empty calories.

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