Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: Secretly Married ... Six Months Ago???

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Back in April, Gwen Stefani confessed that she thinks about marrying Blake Shelton all of the time

But a new report says that she may have had a different meaning when she said it -- that she was already married at the time.

Did Gwen and Blake secretly get married back in March?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Kiss on IG

Insiders tell Star magazine that Gwen and Blake were hitched in March at Blake Shelton's ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

"It was the most perfect day,” a source told the magazine.

“Simple and full of love," the insider said of the ceremony. "You could tell these two are soulmates."

Some fans on both sides might disagree, but they do seem to be very taken with each other.

"Blake shed a few tears during the ceremony," the source revealed, claiming that "He’s a big softy at heart."

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton, Well Wishes

So, what did Gwen wear at this alleged wedding ceremony?

Per the insider, Gwen is said to have donned "a gorgeous fitted pure white."

That sounds as beautiful as it is hella vague.

"It was nothing over the top," the source continues.

In that, the insider reports, the dress was "just like the ceremony itself."

Gwen Stefani in Black with Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani's parents, Dennis and Patti, were reportedly in attendance, along with Gwen's three children, Kingston, 12, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 4.

They and the few dozen other guests were said to enjoy hunting, fishing, and dirt bike riding on Blake's private hunting reserve.

"There were cookouts and campfires," the source claims. "And Blake showed off his own herds of deer, antelope, and wildebeests."

"Aside from the custom-made gazebo and glamping facilities," the insider details. "Everything else was done in house."

Glamping, of course, is a portmanteau of glamor and camping, and describes camping but with fancy accomodations. Some would question the point of that. And of camping.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's 41st Birthday

Apparently, this is one celebrity wedding that did come cheap.

The source estimates that the entire alleged affair "wouldn’t have cost them much more than $20,000," considering that it was on land that Blake already owned.

"Which is surprising," the insider admits. "But that’s the kind of low-key life they enjoy together."

Well, it's no shock to hear that their ceremony was on the small side. 

What is astounding is the claim that Miranda Lambert "even sent a congratulatory text when she heard the rumors! There’s no hard feelings."

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, in a Normal Photo

Secret wedding stories are often interesting and almost always fake ... but not only almost always.

After all, Cardi B and Offset got married in a secret ceremony, and pretended to be engaged for months and months before the world found out.

It is possible that Blake and Gwen might do the same.

But we're very leery that this is coming from anonymous sources. And so much of it sounds vague.

Perhaps we would be a little more comfortable with believing this story if it had some more convincing details, or were being reported by multiple outlets.

You know what would be even nicer than that? A sneaky piece of evidence.

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