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The new issue of GQ features Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott on the cover, and the racy photo is accompanied by the couple’s most revealing interview to date.

Clearly, the Kris Jenner hype machine is in full gear, and these two are being "sold" to a new generation of Kardashian fans.

Their Debut!

Unfortunately, it looks like all of that effort may have been for naught, as Radar Online is reporting today that Stormi’s parents have called it quits following a blow-out fight.

Now, rumors of Kylie and Travis breaking up seem to surface about once per week, but this time, there are actual witnesses to the aftermath.

Onlookers tell Radar that Jenner and Scott butted heads during their trip to New York City this week.

The fight reportedly began during dinner at hot spot Carbone’s, with the couple storming out the establishment after just 45 minutes.

And it seems this was no case of overcooked appetizers or shoddy service.

No, observers say the tension followed Kylie and Travis back to their hotel room where the situation deteriorated further.

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Just about an hour after they returned from the restaurant, Travis stormed out the building, leaving Kylie on her own.

"He seemed angry and was walking really fast,” the eyewitness claimed. 

“It was super abrupt, their bodyguards didn’t even notice and when they figured it out, had to chase after him!”

And the onlooker speculates that it wasn’t Travis’ decision to spend the night elsewhere:

“It definitely looked like Kylie kicked Travis out," the source claims.

For months now, we’ve been hearing reports that Travis and Kylie are ill-suited for one another and are trying to make their relationship work for the sake of their daughter.

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One insider who’s close to the couple says Travis is beginning to buckle under the pressure of dating the world’s most famous 20-year-old.

“Travis loves Kylie, but he isn’t used to being in the spotlight in this way,” the insider claims.

“The harsh reality of what being a Kardashian boyfriend really means is slowly starting to dawn on him and he’s struggling with it.”

Sure, Travis was famous in his own right before the relationship began.

But Kylie is soon to be a "self-made" billionaire, and she has one of the largest social media followings in the world.

We’re sure there are many times when that feels impossible to live up to.