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Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, his star on the Walk of Fame has been a common target for some very amusing vandalism.

Now, "amusing" is not a word one would normally use to describe George Lopez, a man who typically favors the Adam Sandler "I’m rich, therefore I don’t have to be funny" approach to comedy, but we’re willing to make an exception in this case.

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Lopez recently pretended to take a leak on the Donald’s star, and TMZ obtained video of the righteous micturition.

Not exactly comic gold on its own, but the response to Lopez’s innocuous gag has been flat-out hilarious.

According to TMZ, dozens of grown-ass adults have called and texted the LAPD demanding that Lopez be arrested for the prank.

The department says more than 50 individuals have contacted them to report Lopez’s "crime," thus far, and the complaints just keep pouring in.

Hilariously, many of the offended parties seem not to realize that Lopez didn’t actually pee on the star, a fact that’s abundantly clear to anyone who’s watched the video of the incident.

One caller described Lopez’s actions as "sick, deplorable, offensive and disrespectful."

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Another fell for the prank harder than Sarah Palin being duped by Sacha Baron Cohen:

"If this was any normal person they would be arrested for indecent exposure," claims the outraged citizen, who apparently believes that penises and water bottles are interchangeable as far as the law is concerned.

"[Does] the Hollywood elite think they’re above the law and you guys took an oath to obtain the Law."

It’s moments like this where you almost have to marvel at Trump’s mind control powers.

Dude’s a born-rich, Ivy League-educated billionaire who’s managed to convince tens of millions of Americans that he’s on their side in the war against "the elites" — a group that apparently includes George Lopez.

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To be fair, we imagine this is quite the triggering event for some folks in the MAGA crowd.

A wealthy Mexican-American literally peeing on Donald Trump’s name is a waking nightmare for most of these people.

Which is exactly why we encourage every brown-skinned person in the Greater Los Angeles area to head to Hollywood Boulevard and empty their bladders in the name of freedom.

Don’t worry if you’re not actually Mexican or rich.

The people who are most likely to be pissed off by your patriotic piddle will assume you just backstroked across the Rio Grande and fell into some cushy seven-figure gig that was meant for them.

You’ll have ’em scrambling for their safe spaces in no time!