April the Giraffe is Pregnant Again!!!

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About a month ago, zookeepers very tentatively shared some exciting news: they were testing April the Giraffe's droppings to discovery if she was pregnant.

Update, folks: she is pregnant again!

We can hardly contain our excitement!

April the Giraffe is Pregnant Again 01

In case you get your news from Instagram rather than from, um, anywhere else, April the Giraffe's official (verified with a blue check and everything) Instagram account shared this on Wednesday:

"If you missed our big announcement on the Today Show, here it is!"

Today's ratings are better than they've been in years after Matt Lauer's departure, but just in case you missed the news, they wanted to make sure that you'd see it.

"Click below to find out April's big news!"

The link that they included elaborated on the big news.

Tajiri the Giraffe is 10 Feet Tall

Today reports that April the Giraffe is pregnant again. This will be her fifth child.

April is 16 years old.

The Animal Adventure Park resident captivated America last year as she struggled to give birth to Tajiri, her son.

Her birth was livestreamed and seemed like it would take forever, and became a hot topic of conversation around water coolers nationwide.

Tajiri (pictured behind a human in the photo above) is happy and healthy and now stands at a whopping 10 feet tall.

April the GIraffe and baby Tajiri

Jordan Patch, who owns Animal Adventure Park, broke the news on Today.

"The results are in," Patched teased. "And we are having a baby!"

By "we," he of course means April.

Savannah Guthrie could not resist asking: "Who's the daddy?"

(I want to roast her over it but, honestly, when I first read the news, my first thought was the same ridiculous question)

"What show is this?" Patch asked with a laugh, as if implying that it was a gotcha question or perhaps that he had accidentally wandered onto the set of Maury.

"Of course," Patch said of April's baby daddy. "It is Oliver the Giraffe, the same father as Tajiri."

April the Giraffe and Her Baby

Now that people are reassured that April isn't some floozy, America can look forward to April's next childbirth.

But ... don't hold your breath.

Though the average giraffe's gestation period is about 15 months, Patch mentions that "April likes to go 16, 17, 18 ... 19 months."

The pregnancy was only confirmed in recent weeks, so ... it could be a while.

That said, you can pencil in another anxiety-riddled giraffe livestream birth for some time in the spring of 2019.

Probably, anyway. Pregnancy can be even more mysterious for giraffes than it is for humans.

Fortunately, the internet is filled with lots of cute animals to tide us over.

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