Kim Kardashian: Now I'm One Step Closer to Becoming First Lady!

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Kim Kardashian undertook the unenviable task of meeting with Donald Trump in the Oval Office for a great cause.

But a report claims that Kim's ambitions extend far beyond advocating for prison reform. She wants to be First Lady.

Kanye West's First Lady, to be clear.

Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump

Though Kim had a very specific agenda in mind when she met with Trump, RadarOnline reports that Kim's ulterior motive has to do with her own goals.

"Kim wants nothing more than to be First Lady when her husband Kanye West runs for President."

While a lot of people have major ambitions in life, this could be a huge deal.

"Kim wants to show the world that she has what it takes to do this role."

Kim knows how to play to cameras and speak to the people. She was making it clear that she knows how to make a political overture.

"And has a cause to champion that Americans can relate to."

That cause is prison reform.

Kimye Marriage Pic

Kim's official reason for visiting the Oval Office was to advocate for Alice Marie Johnson, a grandmother who is serving a life sentence for drug charges.

But the source wants to make it clear that Kim is sincere in her advocacy.

"She does believe in prison reform."

Honestly, what people put into their bodies shouldn't be anyone's business until it endangers others. And that's only one small part of what has made the U.S. prison system so badly in need of reform.

The source also says that Kim is thinking ahead.

"But not as much as she believes Kanye has a chance at winning the 2024 election!"

Oh boy.

Kim Kardashian Turns

Kanye has spoken about running for President before.

It has always been a laughable idea. But then, so was the idea of Donald Trump even winning his party's nomination.

If enough people will vote for Trump, will just as many vote for Kanye?

Well ... probably not. But it's possible.

The Left is unlikely to vote for Kanye because he is an avowed Trump supporter.

Trump's base is unlikely to vote for Kanye because ... well ... Kanye is not white. Trump's support from white supremacists and his tacit support of them is not insignificant.

What many fear is that Kanye may run for President as an Independent, drawing throwaway "ironic" votes and votes from individuals who want to spite one or both parties.

(Plus, as Kanye's newest album reminds us all, he has genuine fans who love his music. He's not quite the only one who thinks that he's a misunderstood genius)

In that way, Kanye could shape America's future without garnering more than 2% of the vote.

Kimye, Ready to Kiss

As fans were reminded on Memorial Day weekend when Kim Kardashian feuded with Rhymefest, she will go to any length to defend or support her husband.

That may include, you know, leading to America's further ruin.

Kim is, quite frankly, an enabler.

She defends Kanye's outlandish statements and bad behavior because she loves him, and she stands by him no matter what.

This is why Snoop Dogg says that Kim is no good for Kanye. Snoop says that, if the late Dr. Donda West were still alive, she could talk some sense into her son.

Kimye Selfie Time

Some point out that there's nothing inherently wrong with the picture of Kim herself in the Oval Office.

We don't always agree with Kim, but she has a good head on her shoulders.

As long as America is electing reality stars with zero political experience into the most powerful job that has ever existed in human history, some wonder if it might as well be Kim.

After all, unlike Trump, Kim is a savvy businesswoman who is not known for an infamous string of business failures. And she is not accused of mob ties.

But others suggest that perhaps people who are elected to office should be qualified for that office.

A radical idea, we know.

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