Kanye West Supports Roseanne Because Of Course He Does

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As you've likely heard by now, the popular ABC sitcom Roseanne was canceled this week after the show's eponymous star and creator spewed hateful invective at former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett in such a way as to finally push her bosses over the edge.

Despite the fact that the recent revival season of the influential series was well-received, Roseanne Barr hasn't received much public support because, well ... even in 2018, most people aren't too wild about Nazi rhetoric.

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But that doesn't mean Roseanne is completely without sympathizers.

Donald Trump is in Roseanne's corner -- a fact the president made clear with a tweet in which he condemned Disney president Bob Iger for apologizing to Jarrett, but didn't breathe a word against Barr's bigoted remarks.

And as we've learned time and again in recent weeks, as MAGA nation goes, so goes Yeezy.

Yes, Kanye West released a new album today, but it seems he has no fears that further alienating his fans might affect his sales figures.

(And to be fair, he probably has no reason to be concerned about that.)

According to Radar Online, Kanye is both a huge fan and a stalwart supporter of Roseanne.

Kanye West-Roseanne

And while he hasn't spoken out in defense of the disgraced comic just yet, those closest to the rapper feel that an old-fashioned Yeezy rant is in the mail.

“Kanye loved Roseanne’s show and watched it faithfully. He feels it’s messed up it got canceled,” says one insider.

“‘Ye thinks America is becoming too sensitive.”

We won't bother to point out the irony of that comment coming from the most sensitive man on God's green earth.

“Roseanne’s a comic,” the source continued.

“He doesn’t think she’s a racist, and feels like she was just being her outlandish self and trying to be funny.”

Roseanne Barr Cackles

Does Kanye think anyone's racist?!

This guy could walk out of a meeting with David Duke and be all, "Talk about misunderstood!"

Anyway, as pretty much everyone suspected, it seems Kanye's affinity for blowhards like Roseanne and the Donald has little to do with politics and much to do with the fact that he vews them as egomaniacal kindred spirits:

“His heart goes out to people like Roseanne and Trump, because he feels they’re good people who are edgy, just like himself,” the source summed up," the insider says.

“And like him, gets slaughtered for it on a regular basis.”

Let us all observe a moment of silence for bajillionaires who must occasionally suffer consequences for saying idiotic things in public forums.

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