Jon Gosselin Shares Rare Pics of Woman Who is Dating Him for Some Reason

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Recently, Jon Gosselin and his daughter Hannah have been spending plenty of time together. But even with dad duties, he still has his love life.

In fact, Jon has been dating his current girlfriend for a while now.

And he's shared a couple of new, very rare photos of the two of them together.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen Conrad

Jon Gosselin's life hasn't been the most glamorous since he and Kate had their falling out.

His emotional health has almost certainly improved since his escape from Kate Gosselin's presence. ...

(We just wish that we could say the same for those poor children!)

But his lifestyle is no longer that of a reality star. He has worked as waiter at one of those restaurant chains that "Millennials are killing," he's worked installing solar panels, he's worked as a DJ.

Oh, and there was that time that he worked as a stripper. (Okay, so he danced and took off his shirt, but that was it)

But there has been one enduring light in his life -- aside from his children. He has been dating Colleen Conrad since October of 2014.

Jon Gosselin and Girlfriend Colleen Conrad

This week, Jon Gosselin shared a couple of snaps of him with Colleen.

He captioned one: "Tailgating at the Def Leopard and Journey concert in Philly!!!!"

The next photo, at the concert itself, is captioned:

"Def Leopard and Journey!!! Let’s go!!!"

Journey is one of the most famous '80s bands out there, mostly for that one song.

Def Leppard (yes, the band's spelling) is an English New Wave rock band.

One might characterize it all as "dad music," but it looks like Colleen is having a good time. She's smiling, anyway.

Good for them for enjoing themselves!

Jon Gosselin and Girlfriend Colleen

Almost exactly one year ago, Jon congratulated his girlfriend for completing nursing school.

Some fans have speculated about how Jon can afford luxuries like concert tickets (even if they aren't to the, um, most fresh-faced or current music groups) when he is said to have only a few thousand dollars to his name.

(Keep in mind that Kate Gosselin is suing Jon at the moment for enough money to buy a small house)

There may be a simple explanation: perhaps Colleen bought the tickets as a treat for Jon. Or for her -- we don't know what sort of music she enjoys.

Besides, even if Jon bought these tickets himself, it's not like it would make any impact on whether or not he can pay Kate the $132,875 that he owes her.

In the mean time, fans are treated to these rare snaps of Jon and his lady love.

Jon Gosselin and Colleen

The last time that fans got to see Colleen, she was with Jon and Hannah as they celebrated a win by the Philadelphia Eagles, which is a football team.

Jon and his 14-year-old daughter have had a special bond, and she has been seen more and more with her father in recent months.

The two have gotten coffee and gotten ice cream and gone on road trips.

It's nice to see that they still have a relationship with each other despite, well, the intense complications of Jon and Kate's divorce.

Plus, any moment that any of Kate's children get to spend away from her clutches is a blessing, don't you think?

Jon Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin

Colleen, by the way, has reportedly recently moved in with Jon.

She also has two children from a previous relationship.

While we don't think that Jon & Colleen Plus Ten will be a reality series any time soon (it wouldn't work unless they have three kids, and then it could be Jon & Colleen Plus Thirteen, which rhymes but probably isn't worth it), they share that much more in common.

Good for them. And good for Jon for being able to find a new life after Kate.

We look forward to the day when the Gosselin children can all get their fresh start in life and breathe free air.

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