David Eason Goes OFF on MTV: You Make Me SICK, Liberal Hypocrites!

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Do Jenelle Evans and David Eason have any hobbies or anything?

Jobs, household responsibilities, just anything that could possibly keep them off social media?

Jenelle Evans with David Eason

Because it kind of doesn't seem like it.

And it also seems like they could really, really use something to do besides ranting on Twitter and Facebook.

Yesterday, Jenelle got her morning started by making a series of tweets about how unfair it was that people thought David is wrong for being homophobic.

She actually tried to say that he was just "a very Christian man" who has been raised "with certain morals, values, and standards."

For real, that was her argument.

She said that hating gay people was simply his opinion, and he has the right to his own opinion.

And if you didn't agree with her opinion, then she had a nice little "f-ck you" to share.

Jenelle Evans and a Green Screen

It's not clear what inspired her little outburst, but it sure sounds like something went down, because right around the same time she started going off on Twitter, David typed up a little something on Facebook.

It's ... well, it's almost as delusional as a Jenelle rant, and that's saying a lot.

"WOW MTV I've kept my mouth shut for too long!" he began.

"MTV is such a hypocritical liberal network that you still keep racists, drug addicts and potential rapists on you shows as long as it meets your political beliefs?"

As a sidenote to that, he added "Yet you are against gun rights which protects my family from those kind of people," because goodness knows he had to fit something about guns in there somewhere.

What racists, drug addicts, and potential racists are on MTV shows, you may be wondering.

Well, let David explain it all for you.

David Eason on Insta

"I'm sickened to hear that Cheyenne Floyd said she hates white people and wants to kill him all!" he wrote, referring to those old tweets of Cheyenne's in which she did pretty much say just that.

"Yet I received death threats from you morons?" he asked.

"Come on people, MTV still works with Nev Schulman from Catfish even though he tried to sexually assault his timid vulnerable cast members!"

"Not to mention," David continued, "Teen Mom young and pregnant cast member Jade Cline who took a picture with cocaine on the table in her selfie!"

Right, because who could imagine anything worse than a Teen Mom star doing drugs?

Does he even know anything about Jenelle's history? Because here's a hint: there were a whole, whole lot of drugs, and plenty of arrests.

Lots of assaults, too, though none of them were sexual.

Jenelle Eason, David Eason Photo

To wrap up his little fit, David said "Get your head out of your ass MTV, I'm not the problem YOU ARE!"

"I mean why else would the head producers be the ones spreading all the lies on the internet with media outlets? Huh Morgan?"

That's obviously directed to Morgan J. Freeman, Teen Mom executive producer best known for being Farrah Abraham's archenemy.


What a wild ride.

It sounds like he's trying to say that all of these other people on MTV shows have done worse things than him, but he's the only one that's been fired.

Except David's been accused of assault, like Nev, he's had more than a few arrests on charges related to substance abuse, which is a bit more serious that Jade's selfie.

And while he hasn't made bigoted remarks about race, he's made plenty about gay and transgendered people.

So maybe David actually is the problem after all, you know?

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