Meghan Markle's Sister Hospitalized After Paparazzi-Related Car Wreck

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As the Royal Wedding looms closer, it has appeared that Meghan Markle's awful sister will never stop saying hateful things about Meghan and, well, everything else.

But something has given Samantha Grant pause.

She has been hospitalized with multiple injuries following a car accident.

Samantha Markle

TMZ reports that Samantha Grant was hospitalized with what they say appears to be a broken ankle and a fractured knee.

What's more, this comes after an alleged confrontation with the paparazzi -- or at least one paparazzo.

According to Samantha's boyfriend, Mark, the two were driving in Florida near a toll booth when this happened.

It is Mark who describes this as a "paparazzi confrontation."

Allegedly, a paparazzo veered in front of them in the hopes of getting a clear shot with his camera.

Samantha Markle Picture

Mark says that he then swerved to the left to avoid a collision.

He was successful in avoiding the photographer ... but ended up running into a concrete barrier.

Mark says that Samantha hit the windshield on impact -- and then fell to the floor mat.

(We would hope that she and everyone else on the planet always wears a seatbelt, so we'd love an explanation for how that happened)

Samantha has MS, and was unable to lift herself up from the floorboard.

Meghan and the Prince

She says that her foot was twisted backwards. We can't even imagine how that would look, but it sure sounds painful.

Mark says that the paparazzo fled the scene.

We have to keep in mind that, so far, we only know Mark (and, we suppose, Samantha's) version of events.

We don't yet know the full story of what happened.

Obviously, conspiracy theorists always like to run wild -- but no, Queen Elizabeth II did not arrange this.

Queen Elizabeth, Hoodie

Outside of fictional settings like Grimm, the British royal family only wields as much power as your average millionaire dynasty who plays an anachronistic ceremonial role in government.

Though we're sure that the Queen would do anything to make her grandson's wedding perfect, this was not a hit.

Sometimes, accidents happen.

Especially when an alleged overeager photographer is pursuing a vehicle.

Given the way in which Prince Harry and Prince William tragically lost their mother at a heartbreakingly young age, this is something that the Royals know better than most.

The Markle

Mark of course drove Samantha to the E.R. for treatment, but a broken ankle can take months of recovery.

Based upon the description of her injuries, it seems likely that she'll have metal surgically implanted to keep her ankle break from repeating.

Ankle injuries are nasty, and once they are severely injured, conventional wisdom says that they are never the same again.

We don't know if MS will complicate Samantha's injuries or her recovery.

We also don't know if she has any other, less obvious injuries from what sounds like a frightening collision.

Surprising Royal

We know that there is clearly no love lost between Samantha and Meghan.

But that doesn't mean that Meghan is looking out a palace window somewhere like a dramatic villain, gleefully celebrating her detractor's injury.

Obviously, Meghan is getting married in two days.

Additionally, Meghan Markle's father's heart attack has her concerned for his health, and has left the family scrambling to make new arrangements since he can no longer attend.

She has a lot on her plate, and honestly, this news is probably just another distraction.

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