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Are you ready to read a theory that might blow your mind?

A growing number of fans on Twitter don’t believe that Travis Scott is Kylie’s real baby daddy. And no, they don’t think that Tyga’s the real father.

They think that precious baby Stormi looks just like Kylie’s unnecessarily handsome bodyguard. Take a look.

Kylie Jenner Holds Stormi Webster
Photo via Instagram

Kylie has been enjoying herself with Travis Scott and sweet baby Stormi in Turks and Caicos this week.

But as she shared more photos of her adorable three-month-old baby, some fans and followers noticed that … Stormi is not quite the spitting image of Travis.

On its own, that wasn’t much. Some children take after one parent more than the other.

But then someone on Twitter came out and asked the question:

"Why does Stormi Jenner look like Kylie’s bodyguard?"


Tim Chung
Photo via Instagram

Kylie’s unnecessarily attractive bodyguard is a man named Tim Chung.

In addition to working as her bodyguard, he is also an officer with the LAPD.

(A lot of bodyguards and other private security workers are current or former police; the security industry pays better)

On top of that, as you may have guessed from looking at his photos, Tim is a part-time model.

While we are certainly not going to accuse Tim or Kylie of doing anything improper, there were quite a few people on Twitter who felt no such reservations.

Looking at the faces of Tim and Stormi, they decided that he is Kylie’s baby daddy.

Tim Chung Image
Photo via Instagram

The theory did a bit of circulating, and more and more people jumped on board.

"I’ve never been more convinced by a theory!! Kylie Jenner’s baby. Is the bodyguards baby. Kris is up to something."

We have to wonder what scheme of Kris’ would involve her daughter’s pregnancy being attributed to a guy she’d only been dating for a few weeks.

"I wouldn’t blame Kylie if her bodyguard the real daddy. I’d let him impregnate me too."

That, as we’ll discuss later, may be on the minds of a lot of the people who are buying into this.

One person claims that Kylie is aware of this theory … and is blocking anyone who asks her about it.

"Okay so Kylie Jenner just blocked me cuz i asked her why does her baby look like her bodyguard…"

Tim Chung Picture
Photo via Instagram

Under this, Tim Chung’s latest Instagram photo, fans could not resist commenting on the story.

"Sw stormi’s dad just chillin nice."

A lot of them seemed to be taking it for granted that this wild theory is accurate. Or perhaps simply hoping to provoke a reaction.

"The look you give when the world realized you stormis daddy."

Others straight-up asked.

"Heey are you the father of stormi."

Tim Chung Photo
Photo via Instagram

One person either was asking him the question very succinctly … or was asking what other commenters were talking about.

"Stormi’s dad??"

Then someone else had a very different question.

"Can you be my dad?"

Note that we don’t think that this person is looking for, um, parental love.

"You wanna be my baby daddy too??"

Yeah. There was a lot of that. One wonders where the line between admiration and sexual harassment of someone’s bodyguard is drawn.

Stormi Webster, 3 Months Old
Photo via Instagram

It is so important that we note a few things.

One, Stormi is an interracial baby. Children whose parents have massively different skin tones can bear a strong resemblance to one parent or the other. It doesn’t mean that anyone cheated.

Two, Tim Chung is one hot dude. We have to wonder how many people who buy this theory are just looking at him and thinking "wow, if I were Kylie …" when Kylie seldom does what most people would consider sensible.

Three, now that it’s been nearly a month since the world learned that Tristan Thompson is a no good dirty cheater, there hasn’t been any fresh Kardashian drama. No, Kanye spouting nonsense doesn’t count.

Some fans may simply be bored of watching Kylie settle into the peaceful life of motherhood, well on her way to becoming a billionaire, and want to see her life be interesting again.

Don’t worry, folks. Real drama will come on its own, naturally. It always does with that family.

In the mean time, rumors like this could ruin this guy’s career.