Jenelle Evans: If I Go Down, I'm Bringing the Whole Cast With Me!

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Last week, the world learned that Jenelle Evans threatened a man with a gun following a road rage incident that very nearly ended in tragedy.

Not surprisingly, the news resulted in demands that Teen Mom 2 producers fire Jenelle from the show that made her famous.

Dave and Jenelle Eason

It's a move that fans and castmates have been calling for for years.

Jenelle's instability might make her good for ratings, but her bigotry, affinity for violence, and tendency toward abusive behavior make her an affront to human decency.

Already, Jenelle's husband, David Eason, has been fired from Teen Mom 2 as a result of a bizarre homophobic tirade he posted on social media.

MTV might claim otherwise, but that decision appears to have been largely the result of pressure from people like Jeremy Calvert, who has not been shy about expressing his belief that Jenelle is bad for the show and bad for the network.

Mr. and Mrs. Eason

One might think that at this point, Evans would be doing her best to appease her bosses and co-workers.

But that would be the rational person's course of action, so naturally, Jenelle is doing the exact opposite and antagonizing the very people who have the power to end her career.

Jenelle is taking her latest stand by threatening to boycott filming for the Teen Mom 2 reunion show, which is scheduled to take place in New York City on May 19.

A source tells Radar Online that Jenelle sees refusing to film (a tactic she employs often) as the most effective of way of making her producers and co-stars pay for what she considers insufferable mistreatment:

“She is ready for the confrontations but is really dreading all of them ganging up on her," says one insider.

Jenelle Pointing Fingers

“Jenelle wants nothing to do with all of them," the source continues.

"She is so tired of the girls and their guys and even their parents being mean to her, and she is not afraid to call them all out, but she doesn’t want to go to the reunion alone.”

Yes, it seems Jenelle is refusing to show up to the reunion unless David is allowed to join her.

But considering multiple Moms have stated that that don't feel comfortable working with David after a bizarre incident in which he drunkenly stabbed some balloons with a knife at a cast party, you can be sure that producers won't budge on that issue.

“Jenelle loves David. She supports him. She wants him to be at the reunion, but MTV has said absolutely not, no way,” says the source.

Jenelle Evans Promoting Lipstick

“She is trying to do everything she can to change their minds. She’s threatening not to show up, but she has to," the insider continues.

Yes, it seems Jenelle is under the impression that she's still in a position to take a stand on such issues.

Her inability to read the writing on the wall is almost impressive.

In the end, you can expect this conflict to play out exactly like every other clash between Jenelle and producers - she'll stand her ground until she realizes that they're serious about taking away her sole source of income, and then she'll fold like a cheap suit.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how many times Jenelle has been down this road.

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