Blake Shelton-Miranda Lambert Feud Escalates After Latest Cheap Shot

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Miranda Lambert is dating Evan Felker, a man who is still married. And Blake Shelton is gloating, shading his ex for being "exposed" as an alleged homewrecker.

A couple of industry insiders dish on the resurgence of this explosive feud.

And it doesn't sound like Miranda's going to quietly put up with Blake's attacks for much longer.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Image

Now, Life & Style spoke to a few insiders on this explosive Blake and Miranda feud.

For starters, a source confirms that Blake's cryptic subtweet was exactly what everyone thinks -- aimed at Miranda facing "karma" for past alleged misdeeds.

"Make no mistake -- it was a direct shot at Miranda."

It sounds like Blake is filled with schadenfreude at the moment.

"Blake is reveling in Miranda’s humiliation now that she’s been accused of having an affair with a married man."

This is personal for Blake, for the same reason that he divorced her in the first place.

"Because he believes she cheated on him."

Blake Shelton Explains

The industry insider assures Life & Style that, even though they've been apart for yeras, the feud between Blake and Miranda "is still on"

Blake reportedly "believes some things never change."

In this case, it sounds like he's believing that a cheater never changes their stripes.

And apparently Blake believes that Miranda is the same person she always was, which allegedly includes "what he sees as Miranda’s twisted relationship antics."


Blake Shelton Laughs

The insider shares that Blake, even though he played his divorce well enough that the Country community sided with him and he even managed to land Gwen Stefani with his sob story, feels like he's been villainized.

"Blake was always made out to be the bad guy after he filed for divorce and sent Miranda packing from Oklahoma."

Literally packing -- reports claimed that she just came home to find her belongings outside of their house.

Nonetheless, Blake apparently feels that Miranda has "played the victim."

And now he thinks that she's getting exactly what she deserves.

"Blake believes that if she’s embarrassed now over allegations that she ran off with another woman’s man, it’s sweet justice."


Miranda Lambert at CMAs

Calling this "justice" sounds a little odd to a lot of fans, especially considering that Blake has admitted that he fell for Miranda while he himself was still married.

Another industry insider sums it up pretty succinctly: 

"He’s a hypocrite."

They continue, pointing out that:

"Miranda still fiercely denies she cheated on Blake or had anything to do with the breakup of Evan’s marriage."

And she's apparently ready to hit back.

"Don’t expect her to sit back and take the disses for long."

It's only a matter of time until she retaliates.

"She’s going to return fire on Blake."

It sounds like, as predicted, these exes are going to war.

Miranda Lambert Wins an Award!

Another source elaborates on their ongoing feud, even though it's been three years since they split.

"Both Blake and Miranda were deeply shaken by their divorce, and it doesn’t look like they’ll ever get over it."

Sometimes, you move on. Sometimes, you don't.

"They’ll be trading insults, put-downs, and breakup songs for a long time to come."

Well ... this could at least be good for their music careers, we suppose.

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