90 Day Fiance: Is Paola Mayfield Pregnant?!

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is back! And that means that viewers are once again treated to the lives of Paola Mayfield and her husband Russ.

Yes, they're still together, but that doesn't mean that everything is perfect.

And fans are scrambling after this week's episode seemed to drop a major hint. Is Pao pregnant?!

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield: Pregnant?

Russ and Paola have been up to so much more than apologizing for their distasteful couples' costumes. But not all of it is good.

Unfortunately, Paola's grandmother is battling cancer, and so this 90 Day Fiance couple headed back to Columbia -- for the first time in four years -- to be with her family.

 During her visit, which was captured by TLC's cameras, Pao's mom seemed to say something to her about pregnancy.

It's not easy to descipher what her mother's exact words were, but the topic had some fans jumping to conclusions.

One took to social media, writing:

"I was just watching the ending of the episode when your mom asked about pregnancy..."

This fan, like many viewers, wasn't sure of the exact wording.

"What's the story with that?"

Good question.

Paola Mayfield Stuns

Other fans, however, cast doubt on that.

They pointed to examples of things that no pregnant woman should be doing.

"I don’t think she’s pregnant because I am doubtful if she was that she would go on a motorcycle ride."

One even brought up the idea that perhaps Paola is very much not pregnant.

"It almost [alluded] to the fact that she may have trouble in that area."

if that is the case, this could be a very sensitive topic.

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield, Breakfast Time

Now, if Paola was pregnant all of those months ago, she would probably be showing now, right?

None of her recent Instagram photos show the slightest hint of a baby bump.

So ... it may be that she is posting older photos as if they were newer. That is how Kylie Jenner duped people for a little while.

It could also be the case that, as an extremely fit woman with incredible abs, she is less likely to show a baby bump.

We are not shaming women for the natural changes that pregnancy thrusts upon a body, merely pointing out that "fit moms" are known for hiding baby bumps behind a wall of abs.

However, the simplest explanation may be that Pao is not pregnant.

Paola Mayfield, Beach Booty

Paola Mayfield's fans and followers did shower her with comments about the plot of the episode itself.

"Seen your grandmother was so emotional! You are definitely a strong woman with great goals and focus."

The grandma storyline hit home with a lot of folks.

"By the way pao is grandma still a live I hope so she is in my prayers just be strong."

Fans know that episodes are filmed months before they air, and they hope that everything is okay.

"You have me over here bawling."

That message included three tearful emojis.

"Paola, seeing you with your Grandma brought tears to my eyes. I could not hold it in. I can tell how much you care for her."

That person, clearly deeply touched by Pao's family's pain, added:

"I still have both of my Grandmas and it has reminded me to spend as much time with them as I can. 'Never lose your heart'"

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield, Date Night

Paola Mayfield is hot enough to climb the ranks of a Maxim contest. She's hot enough that she makes her living as a model.

But even though she's gorgeous and though viewers have come to know her as an entertainer on reality television, it is important to hold onto a sense of perspective.

Paola is a real person with real feelings and a family. Their medical circumstances are beyond anyone's control -- even TLC's.

But being on camera means making certain sacrifices -- she can't blurt out the answers to many questions on social media. Not until the right episodes air.

Please keep that in mind as you comment, whether it's about her abuela or whether you wonder if she is pregnant.

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