Travis Reinking, Waffle House Shooting Suspect, Once Believed Taylor Swift Was Stalking Him

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Travis Reinking is a wanted man.

And, by many recent accounts, Travis Reinking is also a mentally troubled man.

Travis Reinking

The 29-year old is the main suspect in a horrific shooting that took place late last week, one in which Reinking allegedly opened fire with an AR-15 and killed four people at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee.

Many others at the scene were wounded in the attack and transported to a local hospital.

In a Tweet Monday, the Metro Nashville Police Department said the following about this incident and this search:

"MNPD officers, to include SWAT, have continued the search for Travis Reinking in the Antioch area overnight. There have been no credible sightings. The search will continue.

"All schools in the area have been cleared by officers. He was last seen Sun morn behind his apt complex."

While all able bodies in the area are looking for Travis Reinking, a disturbing profile of the man has emerged online.

It has quite the unusual and spotted history.

Travis Reinking Picture

In July of 2017, he breached a White House security barrier and said he wanted to meet President Donald Trump.

Reinking told a Secret Service officer at the time that he was "sovereign citizen" who had a "right to inspect the grounds," according to a Metropolitan Police Department incident report dated July 7.

Prior to this bizarre trespassing incident, documents obtained by CNN from the sheriff's office in Tazewell County, Illinois indicate that Reinking was once described by police as exhibiting "delusional" behavior.

"Travis is hostile toward police and does not recognize police authority. Travis also possesses several firearms," an officer wrote in a May 2016 incident report.

This report was penned because Reinking's parents had called emergency services to say their son though Taylor Swift was stalking him, and he had made comments about killing himself.

Wait...what was that about Taylor Swift?!?

Taylor Swift Does Her Thing

On May 27, 2016, a Tazewell County Sheriff's deputy met Reinking and his parents in a drug store parking lot after the latter pair had phoned for assistance, according to authorities.

A paramedic told the responding officer that Reinking believed that Swift was harassing him by stalking and hacking his phone.

This is what an office at the time wrote:

"Travis believed everyone including his own family and the police are involved. Travis stated he did not want to hurt Taylor Swift or anyone else, he only wanted the harassment to stop."

Reinking was candid about what he believed to be taking place.

He told the cop that the harassment started a few weeks earlier when Swift hacked his Netflix account and told him to meet her at a Dairy Queen.

He then told the officer that when he showed up... she ran off and vanished.

Taylor Swift is Delicate

It would be very easy to laugh or scoff at this claim.

But it's far harder to do so when you consider that Reinking just reportedly killed four people with a machine gun he likely purchased legally.

About a year after this incident, police were called to deal with Reinking again after someone said he came out of his apartment wearing a dress and holding a rifle.

Shortly after Reinking spoke to police about Swift, a group of policemen convinced him to check into a hospital for a mental evaluation.

But it's unclear what came of this.

"At this point, the young man could be anywhere and whether he might try to return home is a distinct possibility, so our officers are definitely on alert," Tazewell County Sheriff Robert Huston said Sunday in a news conference.

We'll keep readers updated on this situation as more news breaks.

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