Scott Disick Supports Tristan Thompson Because Of Course He Does

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You know what they say, right?

It takes a douchebag to know a douchebag.

Or something to that effect.

Scott Disick in a Car

According to a new Radar Online report, there's one person out there who is not saying mean things about Tristan Thompson.

There's one person out there who isn't telling Khloe Kardashian to hop on a plane back to Los Angeles as quickly as possible.

There's one person out there who doesn't understand why the world has turned against the Cleveland Cavaliers power forward.

And that one person, of course, is Scott Disick.

Indeed, the jerk face who prefers to party instead of hang out with his kids, and who allegedly cheated on Kourtney Kardashian back in the day, has reportedly reached out to Thompson during the latter's time of need.

“If anyone knows how tough it is to be part of that family, it’s Scott and he’s got lots of sympathy for Tristan,” an insider tells Radar Online, sort of hilariously.

We're pretty sure, after all, that the issue here is now how to fit in with the Kardashians...

Tristan Thompson with the Ball

... the issue is that Thompson continually inserted his penis into vaginas of women who were NOT Khloe Kardashian.

While she was pregnant with his child, no less!

"Scott’s telling Tristan he understands what he’s going through and that he’s there for him if ever he needs a friend," Radar writes, adding:

"Scott’s been censured, too, in the past for his wild ways. His experience has taught him the Kardashians can be a prickly group."

They sure can be!

They seem to hate it when the fathers of their children sleep with other females.

How sensitive of them, right?!?


Disick was accused of cheating on Kourtney Kardashian with Chloe ​Bartolli back in the summer of 2015/

It has never been confirmed that Disick and Bartolli hooked up, but Kourtney finally ended her romance with Scott following rumors of their escapades.

He has remained in the Kardashian picture ever since, but Kourtney has tried to make it clear to Disick that the two will never get back together.

These days, that question is commonly being asked about Thompson and Khloe Kardashian.

Could they possibly remain together?

Especially now that they are parents of a little girl?

Scott Disick Looks Smooth

Disick, meanwhile, is trying to keep his contact with Thompson on the Down Low.

He knows that it would be frowned upon by everyone the basketball player has scorned and/or made a fool of with his actions.

“Scott is reaching out to Tristan on the sly because he doesn’t want to make waves himself," Radar concludes, adding:

"He still needs the family and their money."

Elsewhere, People Magazine at least quotes a source that says Rob Kardashian is not following the lead of his quasi brother-in-law.

He is most certainly not on Team Tristan.

“Khloe has always been there for Rob and he hates that she was hurt - he knows what it feels like to be screwed over by someone you trusted,” says this source, citing Rob's history with Blac Chyna and saying simply:

"Rob won’t forgive Tristan for this."

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