Ryan Vieth: Tamra Judge's Son SLAMS His Baby Mama on Instagram!

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Tamra Judge has used her kids to further her storylines before.

As fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County remember, Tamra was publicly slammed by her estranged daughter for this reason.

Tamra Barney, Ryan Vieth, Sarah Rodriguez

But her son Ryan Vieth is showing that he doesn't need his mother's help to stir up drama. He can do that just fine on his own.

Now, he's ignited a firestorm feud with his baby mama, Sarah Rodriguez.

Vieth's relationship with Rodriguez has been over for ages, but they'll always be connected by their daughter, Ava.

But for whatever reason, Ryan has chosen to antagonize the mother of Tamra Judge's only grandchild.

They've had their spats in the past.

Ryan Vieth Picture

Actually, Ryan was arrested for domestic violence in 2015, though the charges were eventually dropped ... so it sounds like things have gotten a lot worse than spats.

And they've feuded on Instagram after their split.

This time, things are starting off with what we only wish were a promo for Amazon's upcoming billion-dollar Lord of the Rings series.

"Anyone want to buy my old wedding ring, I have no need for this," he writes.

As you can imagine, this was interpreted by many as a transparent attempt to antagonize and malign his ex.

Ryan Vieth IG post

He told a follower "sold!" after the follower offered him $5 for it.

He would later go on to explain: "Just figured I'd post something interesting today." He also reminded followers that he and Sarah never actually married.

Which is not really an explanation.

Would you care to guess how well-received his post was by his ex?

Sarah Jane Rodriguez did not mince words.

Sarah Jane Rodriguez IG clapback

"Ryan wants to officially announce that he is looking for his next Instagram victim!!"

Oh wow!

She then proceeds to warn others away from repeating her past mistakes.

"As soon as he is done pretending he is something he is not and sucking you in."

That's ominous. And there's a tag to go with that sense of foreboding.

"It will be too late. #beware"

Tamra Barney, Ryan Vieth

Rodriguez explains herself:

"I have been working my ass off to make things good for Ava."

Of course she has. She's her mom.

"But this is not ok to publicly humiliate someone like this."

Like everyone else, she interpreted the wedding ring post as a slight against her.

"No one will ever know the sacrifices I made for this person only to be s--t on over and over."

Sarah Jane Rodriguez Throwback Texts

In the past, Rodriguez has opened up about her feuds with Ryan by sharing the sorts of messages that he sends her, as she did with this image last November.


Rodriguez later deleted her post decrying Vieth's "wedding ring" auction, and shared a message that reads:

"When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try to treat the world better than it treated you."

She added her own caption to that sage advice, writing:

"Okay, let's start over."

Sometimes, that's the best choice that a person can make.

We do have to wonder, however, if Tamra Judge is going to work this conflict into her own life.

In the past, Rodriguez has accused Vieth of relying heavily upon his mother for emotional support. So he probably doesn't mind contributing to her reality career the way that some of her other children do.

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