Mayte Garcia to Sinead O'Connor: Prince Was NOT a Wife-Beating Devil-Worshipper!

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Music legend Prince's death will not result in criminal charges, but that doesn't mean that Prince's name can rest in peace.

Sinead O'Connor, as famous for her troubles and activism as for her music, has accused the late music legend of some terrible things, including violence against women.

Now Prince's ex-wife, Mayte Garcia, is slamming Sinead's claims as absurd.

Sinead O'Connor Performs at the 2008 East Coast Blues & Roots Festival

Sinead spoke to the Carver County Sheriff's investigators just a little over a week after Prince's tragic death.

That recording has now been released, and Sinead had some shocking and stunning accusations about the beloved celebrity.

For one thing, she told investigators that Prince "used hard drugs."

While that's not the most shocking thing that she said, she asserts that she knows it to be true, saying:

"I know this because I spent time with the man."

It gets much worse.

Prince at Coachella

Sinead also came forward with a very serious accusation.

She claims that Prince "had been violent to a number of women in his life."

That is jaw-dropping and serious ... if true.

She also claimed that he shelved his famous "Black Album" because he had a "vision of God" telling him to do so.

Sinead then made her most sensational, if hardly the most damning, accusation against the late music legend.

She accused him of, we kid you not, devil-worship.


Mayte Garcia

Now, Prince's ex-wife is speaking to TMZ and refuting Sinead's claims.

Mayte Garcia was Prince's wife from 1996 to 2000.

She says that not only was he never violent with her, but she never witnessed him be violent towards anyone.

Any woman or any man.

She says that he did not do hard drugs, and that she saw him drunk only once.

Garcia goes on to call Sinead's timing into question, since Prince isn't alive to defend himself. In fact, Garcia casts doubt on the idea that Sinead was ever really that close with Prince.

She also, almost needless to say, dismisses the idea that Prince was somehow into devil-worship.

"I strongly deny that in his honor."

Sinead O'Connor Breaks Down

Sinead O'Connor has had a troubled history, including making a disturbing video in 2017 that had fans fearing for her life.

She has been known for being both impulsive and outspoken over the years.

In the early '90s, she stirred up controversy by tearing up a photo of the pope while performing on Saturday Night Live as a musical guest ... without warning anyone on the show that she would do so.

Unfortunately, in her attempts to make valid points about subjects like child-abuse, she sometimes alienates her audience by making outlandish claims or pulling dramatic stunts.

This is also not the first time that she has spoken ill of Prince.

Pic of Sinead O'Connor

In a couple of old interviews, she claimed that Prince had summoned her to his house and tried to discourage her from using foul language in interviews. She says that her rebuttal caused him to become violent and chase her out of the house.

Many found that claim to be unbelievable ... especially after a 2004 interview with Graham Norton, in which she described Prince as "a sweet guy," and called the story "much exaggerated by the press."

While we'd never rule out the idea of someone, regardless of their reputation as a kind man and an advocate for women, secretly harboring a dark side ... Sinead's claims don't seem to be substantiated.

If a woman whom she suggests he has "hospitalized" were to come forward, that would be one thing. Until then ... some wonder if Sinead was speaking impulsively over the phone.

She may have said things that, with a clearer head, she regrets.

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