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Derick Dillard is just a truly awful, no-good person.

You know it, we know it, everyone who has had the terrible misfortune to check out his Twitter account knows it.

Derick Dillard on His Birthday

He just says so many awful things all the time about so many people — who could forget his favorite hobby of mocking Jazz Jennings, the transgender teenage girl who has her own show on TLC?

Or the way he constantly tries to defend his backwards, ignorant beliefs in the most obnoxious, arrogant way possible?

Or the way he constantly asks Duggar fans for money, even when he and his family worked on a reality show and even now that he insists he has a job now that they’re no longer on Counting On?

It’s just bad. It’s all bad.

And, wouldn’t you know it, Derick’s gone and made our opinion of him even worse by taking a sizable chunk of time yesterday to criticize Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, the stars of Nate and Jeremy by Design.

If you’re not familiar, Nate and Jeremy by Design is a show on TLC, one of those home renovation and design shows that everyone loves so much.

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Photo

The show has another layer though, because Nate and Jeremiah are also married.

They have a three-year-old daughter who’s been featured on the show, and they welcomed a son just last month.

They have a really, really adorable family, but it’s not a traditional family, so you know Derick just had to run his mouth about it.

Over on Twitter, he shared a promo for the show that TLC tweeted, and along with it he wrote "What a travesty of family. It’s sad how blatant the liberal agenda is, such that it both highlights and celebrates a lifestyle so degrading to children on public television as if it should be normal."

So in one single tweet, he called Nate and Jeremiah’s beautiful family a "travesty," said they were "degrading" their children on TV, insisted that they’re not "normal," and suggested that the only reason they’d have their own show is because of "the liberal agenda."

Not a great start, Derick.

Derick Dillard, Awful Haircut and Cookie Dough

When someone pointed out that what they do doesn’t affect him at all, he replied "They affect this poor child, as well as what perversions are celebrated."

"If it were adultery, I doubt a network would be so quick to focus on the reality of it as if it were ok."

Adultery and homosexuality aren’t on the same level at all, obviously, and it’s really disgusting to talk about their daughter this way — she looks like a super happy, well-loved kid.

Look, there are too many dumb tweets from Derick to dissect them all like this, so let’s just check out the highlights of his incredible ignorance, all right?

After getting called out for being so judgemental, he said "I’m not bashing the people, I’m just calling out the public agenda at play and how a network chooses what they highlight."

"Christians should love all as Christ loved all. Take advantage of capitalism: boycott what you don’t believe in, but don’t boycott relationships."

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent Family

With all this talk about agendas, someone asked him about his, and he explained that "My agenda is love and truth. I try to follow Jesus Christ as best I can. I’m not perfect, but I do my best."

Do better, buddy.

He said that his big issue with the show is the way their daughter is involved — a bit hypocritical, considering how many Duggar kids have been featured on the network.

But, as he explained it, "they absolutely have the right to share it, but I’m just calling Christians not to support its promotion in such a public sphere."

Some sweet soul tried to make the argument that if God created everything, he created gay people, and therefore they are also "fearfully and wonderfully made."

Derick argued that "Yes, everything was created perfectly. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay that way very long because a curse was brought through sin which affected the whole world."

Derick Dillard Solo Selfie

"That’s why Jesus came — to redeem it and be the needed savior for our sin. Praise God!"

It’s very clear, and it’s been clear for a long time, that Derick is not interested in ever considering the possibility that he could be wrong — and by "wrong," of course we mean "ridiculous and hateful and so, so bigoted."

So on a sweeter, lighter note, let’s check out Nate and Jeremiah’s responses to this mess.

Without replying directly to Derick, Nate tweeted "My hope with having a show like #NandJByDesign on @TLC, where we go into people’s homes and welcome viewers into ours, is that we can start to break down barriers & normalize the way our family looks & the way our family loves."

Jeremiah added that the show "is about showing the many different faces of love and our universal connection through it."

Isn’t that infinitely nicer than all that nonsense from Derick? 

Shame it’s just a part of that "liberal agenda," huh?