The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10 Recap: The Lost and the Plunderers

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How does life continue after the death of a loved one?

That was the big question on The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10, an hour which focused on six different stories. Yeah, fans tend to complain about the slow episodes that follow just one character, so this one seemed like a way of proving the show can still be exciting.



We picked up with Michonne in the immediate aftermath of Carl's death. Michonne realized that Carl had painted his hands with Judith's on the porch. 

Michonne and Rick realized the best foot forward was to make a getaway from Alexandria and regroup with their allies somewhere else. 

Rick was not wanting to follow through on Carl's last wishes, and refused to read the letter Carl left for him. The only thing giving Rick the drive he needed was finding a way to get the truth from Jadis about the alliance. 

Rick in Trouble on The Walking Dead Season 8

When they arrived at the landfill Jadis and her mischevious group called home, walkers descended on them, and it did not look good. 


Negan and Simon were chatting about what happened when they attacked each of the places they planned to. Negan did not know how to feel about the fact that Carl played him. 

Was he ready to admit that Carl was one of the best manipulators around, or was he prepared to move on and try to take down some more of Rick's group?

Well, it seemed like Simon was lying to him for a start. He claimed the drama at Hilltop all went to plan. Negan then told Simon "the garbage people" were next on the hit list. 

Simon Being Set Up on The Walking Dead

Negan tasked Simon with killing one of them to keep them in line. It was a classic move from the Negan playbook. 


Aaron and Enid were stuck at Oceanside, and Rachel was still whining about Natania being killed. She even went as far as claiming they should be killed. 

Cyndie was the one given the power to decide who to kill, and she thought about it. 

Enid admitted to Aaron that, given the opportunity, she would kill again. In the end, the pair were ousted from Oceanside and told never to return ... or else. 

Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead Season 8

Aaron said he was going to stick around because he needed to get them to join the fight with them. Enid worried that she would not see him again, but a new friendship was formed. 


Simon made his way to the Hilltop and Jadis tried to imply that she had not sided with Rick and that she was still on his side. Simon said the Saviors needed to take all of their belongings to prove the "garbage people" were on board with Negan. 

Simon made some jokes about the garbage, and then shot Brion because Jadis was anything but open with him. Simon then gave the order to take down all of the Scavengers. Yeah, he was totally going against Negan's word on this one. 

Rick Is Ready for War


When Rick and Michonne made their getaway from the walkers, they realized the walkers were actually the Scavengers. She admitted that she thought she and her people could make something of the landfill and that's why they stuck around for so long. 

"This was our world, apart form everyone else in every way,” she dished. She pleaded with Rick to allow her to join him and his people, but he left her high and dry to fend for herself. 


Rick was glad he did not kill her, but he was too consumed by his grief to care about what came next. Rick decided to read some letters, and he was shocked to learn that there was one for Negan. 

Negan is Back!

He looked at it and found out that Carl wanted peace between everyone because too many people died. Rick called out for Negan on the walkie-talkie and said that he was coming for him. 

Negan concluded that Rick had already lost. 

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