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When Sofia Richie and Scott Disick first got together, we thought we’d have cartons of milk that would last longer than this couple.

We mean, come on…

Justin Bieber’s fling was really gonna carry on a meaningful relationship with Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy three times over?

Scott and Sofia Pic
Photo via Instagram

It just seemed impossible to believe.

But that was back then, when Scott and Sofia first got together last year.

And this is now, when Scott and Sofia are still going strong.

Just how strong? Are wedding bells about to ring? 

Not quite, but that doesn’t mean the end is anywhere near for Richie and Disick, a surprising fact hammered home by the former on Instagram yesterday, as Richie shared the above photo and wrote the simple caption below:

My [heart].

(She wrote a heart emoji in reference to Disick, just to be clear)

The stars – who have been dating for several months – posed in front of a private plane on the runway in this image; Richie looking casual in a striped top and sunglasses as she placed her arms around Scott’s neck.

These two love nothing more than snapping pictures in front of private planes and/or inside of private plans.

To wit:

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Private Plane
Photo via Instagram

Richie and Disick have not said very much in public about their romance, with the exception of these kinds of pictures and messages.

Last month, for example, Richie wrote “Happy Valentines babe" on the occasion of, well, Valentine’s Day.

And while most celebrity gossip followers still believe Disick pines for Kardashian and is just killing time before reuniting with her by banging Sofia on the reg… we aren’t so certain any more.

Things are allegedly so serious between Scott and Sofia that Kourtney has warned the latter to stay away from her kids.

Wrote Hollywood Life several days ago, quoting an anonymous source:

"Kourtney worries that Sofia is not a good role model for her children."

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA
Photo via Instagram

That’s harsh, but it’s also telling.

It means Richie either has been spending a lot of time around Mason, Reign and Penelope or that the relationship between her and Disick has progressed to the point where she may be doing so in the near future.

This would also not sit well with her famous father, it’s worth noting.

Asked about his daughter getting it on so often with Disick, Lionel Richie recently said he hoped this was just a "phase" and that he was gonna just sit back, pour himself a drink and hope he passes.

It looks like he may need to make it two drinks at minimum, however.

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick, Valentines Throwback
Photo via Instagram

"Scott is telling friends that he’s in love with her,” an insider has told told Us Weekly. “They are still going very strong.”

And a Richie friend said the following to the same tabloid:

“She is so into Scott. She has been for a while."

We’re so very sorry, Lionel.

So… very… sorry.