Josh Duggar to Police: Your Molestation Reports Humiliated Me!

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Josh Duggar will soon be back in court.

Sadly, however, it's not because he's finally facing criminal charges for molesting five young girls, four of whom were forced to live under the same roof with him even after they were violated.

Anna, Josh Duggar

No, it seems Josh is once again suing the people who dared to expose his vile crimes to the public.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup the father of five has filed a lawsuit against the City of Springdale (as well as Arkansas’ Washington County), arguing that they violated his rights when they released documents pertaining to his crimes to In Touch Weekly back in 2015.

Josh sued the police in his hometown last year and lost, but it seems he's decided to give it another go.

If the idea of a sexual predator accusing other people of humiliation makes you want to hurl your phone or tablet across the room, take heart in knowing that Josh will almost certainly lose this lawsuit.

Better yet, he may cause even further embarrassment to his complicit parents in the process.

Anna and Josh Duggar: Bible Launch Event in D.C.

You might think it's odd that Josh would once again dredge up the scandal that nearly destroyed his family just so that the court might award him some cash, but these days, it's likely that Josh needs money more than he needs Michelle and Jim Bob's approval.

Sources say Josh lives in virtual exile these days, spending most of the week toiling on a used car lot, and his Sundays worshipping at a different church than the rest of his family attends.

(And if you're a longtime fan of the Duggar clan, we don't need to tell you what a big deal that is!)

He's reportedly strapped for cash, and his family is understandably in no hurry to help.

So what's the basis for Josh's claim that he's the wronged party here?

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Well, for starters, he infuriatingly argues in court documents that because he was still in his teens at the time of the assaults "not in possession of the full faculties of personal discretion and discernment typically available to an adult.”

He adds that the release of his police records caused “severe emotional distress, mental anguish and substantial loss of income.”

Josh was kicked off Counting On as a result of the scandal, so he might be able to make an argument for loss of income.

But he should still be counting his lucky stars,

After all, the emotional distress and mental anguish of going to prison and registering as a sex offender probably would've been even worse, right?

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