Chelsea Houska: This is My Baby Bump! This is My Due Date!

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Chelsea Houska is here to prove that she really is pregnant.

The Teen Mom 2 star surprised fans on Thursday night by announcing that she and husband Cole DeBoer are expecting a child together.

It will be their second as a couple and Chelsea's third overall, considering she created an eight-year old daughter named Aubree with ex-lover Adam Lind.

Chelsea and Cole Picture

"...GUESS WHAT!" Chelsea wrote on Instagram as confirmation of her expecting state, adding the following words to go along with her sonogram photo:

"A sweet baby girl will be joining the DeBoer clan in a few short months! We could not be more excited."

And we're so very excited for them!

But just in case you somehow doubted the legitimacy of Chelsea's announcement, the MTV personality has gone ahead and provided Twitter followers with undeniable evidence...

... in the form of her baby bump!

"Here’s the wittle bump since everyone’s been asking lol this pregnancy has been a breeze so far and I feel pretty damn good!" Houska penned a caption to the image below:

chels bump

How precious, right?!?

Houska and DeBoer got married in October of 2016 welcomed son Waston Cole in January of 2017.

You can go back and watch Teen Mom 2 online episodes from last year to see how Chelsea made it pretty clear that she was prepared for yet another child in the near future.

Speaking to MTV about her major announcement, Houska said the following about her adorable little girl:

“Aubree did such a great job keeping this a secret and she said at school on Monday she’s gonna walk in and start yelling it down the hallways!”

AWWW! That's adorable.

As for Cole?

He is "very excited" and "talks to my belly every night," the reality star said.

Chelsea Houska, Daughter

DeBoer himself also spoke to the cable network, expressing his excitement over becoming a father again:

"I'm ecstatic to have another princess under our roof," he said. "The men in this household are standing their ground even though we are now outnumbered.

After she shared the baby bump snapshot above, Houska answered a few fan questions about her pregnancy, revealing, for example, that her due date is in September.

“But I’m thinking she’ll come in August because I tend to have my babies a couple weeks early! We’ll see!” she Tweeted.

cd response

Finally, Houska was asked about her pregnancy fashion.

Does she have any advice?

What does she lean toward when growing a human being inside her fetus?

“So far it consists of leggings and hoodies cause it’s freezing here,” wrote the 26-year old, concluding:

“We’ll see how I keep myself together in the summer though! I remember summer was miserable when I was pregnant with Aubree!”

Still, it's always worth it in the end, right?

Congrats, Chelsea and Cole!!!!!

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