90 Day Fiance: Is Luis Accusing Molly of Domestic Violence?

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90 Day Fiance couple Molly Hopkins and Luis Mendez are divorcing. Sometimes, reality television isn't the best place to build your relationship. But sometimes, that's just how things end.

Now, Luis is lashing out, not only at TLC, but at Molly -- claiming that she hoards 90 Day Fiance profits and has a wickedness of the heart.

And ... is he accusing her of domestic violence?

90 Day Fiance Couple Luis and Molly

Last year, it looked like Molly and Luis had made it.

Because the 90 Day Fiance got married. 41-year-old Molly's daughters weren't exactly over the moon about the idea of 26-year-old Luis becoming their stepdad, but the marriage happened anyway.

The couple had their ins and outs even after they tied the knot, splitting but then reconciling before the Tell All special.

At the beginning January, however, they split for good.

Also in January, Molly filed for divorce.

Luis Mendez and Molly Hopkins

Now, Luis is posting on social media, griping that Molly asked to have his cell phone back.

"When someone is so miserable in the heart, they ask you for a cell phone back."

That sounds sort of standard to us -- like changing the Netflix password after a breakup.

But Luis has other gripes to air.

"And that is not considering that she never share the profits of the reality show."

This is not the first time that Luis has complained about money. He thinks that it's a sign that Molly is a bad person.

"How materialistic and low-class can someone be?"

Molly and Luis

Much more alarmingly, Luis also posted this vague yet ominous message to Facebook.

"If you want to see all about domestic violence soon follow this page it’s gonna post there."

No one has seen any follow-up post.

This is vague enough that he hasn't actually made any official accusation yet.

But ... it sure looks to many people like Luis was teasing that he was about to accuse Molly of domestic violence.

That wouldn't be a 90 Day Fiance first, as fans saw Anfisa Arkhipchenko strikes Jorge Nava on camera. But even the possibility is worrisome.

Luis Mendez Works Out

As we mentioned, Luis Mendez has complained about financial issues before.

Last time, Luis was lashing out at TLC and claiming that he hadn't been paid.

"TLC is a piece of s--t."

Wow. Tell us how you really feel.

"They only use the immigrant people for make million dollar."

Some would point out that that's part of the premise of the show, basically.

"They don’t pay to us in the first 90 days and they destroy our lives with bad fame."

It's believed that perhaps the show was waiting to pay Luis until he had his work visa. That doesn't sound like their fault.

To hear Luis tell it, though, it was a conspiracy.

"But I don’t received any money only the American people do because we are trash for them."

He then declared that he was considering suing them.

Luis Mendez, 90 Day Fiance

Instagram commenters were quick to shoot down Luis' complaints about money.

"I am sure you signed a liability waiver releasing TLC from lawsuits...plus I thought your purpose for being on the show was to document the process with your love Molly...sounds like all you were interested in was a pay day."

Some people were quick to defend Molly in particular.

"Geesh so he came over here agreeing to be on tv and did not bother to read his contract then screwed over his own wife in the process. Sounds like she should be suing him."

He did, however, have his defenders.

"Not really sure why everybody thinks everything is his fault. There are 2 sides to a story. But ok keep thinking he is this horrible person because I'm sure he isn't."

There's no telling how this mess will end.

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