The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 Recap: DeVoe Claims a Victim

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With DeVoe now looking to kill the rest of the metas from the bus, Team Flash knew it was time to find and save everyone. 

When The Flash Season 4 Episode 14 got underway, the team got to work to find the next meta before DeVoe had the opportunity to strike. 

Uniting Against DeVoe

Thanks to the bus, Ralph managed to find a music demo on, and it led them to a meta named Izzy. When the team caught up with her, they found out that she was an aspiring country singer. 

She struggled to use her powers safely, and that was a big issue for her. She managed to make an exit away from the team ... even after learning about DeVoe. 

After some back and forth, the team tried checking the singer's website and located her whereabouts. But DeVoe showed up when they got a lead on her. 

A Prison Break on The Flash

DeVoe threatened the team, but Izzy proved her worth and used a power to send the villain flying away. This put him in a fragile state, but Marlize was on hand to take her man out of the situation. 

Team Flash tried to tell Izzy that she needed to hide or she ran the risk of being murdered, but she felt like she was about to be discovered. 

Who wants to be holed up in S.T.A.R. Labs when their big break could be coming? 

Thanks (again!) to Ralph, Izzy decided to stick around because she felt like it was time to train and harness her powers in a manner that would allow her to stay safe. 

Iris West, The Flash

Meanwhile, Harry tried to help Cecile with her newfound powers by creating a helmet that would suppress the powers, but they struggled to agree on the look of the device. 

Ultimately, Izzy found herself out picking a fight with DeVoe. Barry and Ralph showed up, and another crazy battle ensued. Izzy got the device on DeVoe's forehead. 

The villain subsequently used all of it to his advantage and took over Izzy's body and gained control of her powers. Yes, he now has SEVEN powers. 

This dude is never going to stop!

The Flash is in Trouble!

Cisco realized that there was a way to track DeVoe's lair, and if he did, the team would be able to zip with him and find out all they needed to know before it was too late. 

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