The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 11 Recap: Thank You, Thuck You

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Did Lisa Vanderpump, Dorit Kemsley, and Kyle Richards finally get some clarity on why they were arguing?

If they did, could they tweet as much to viewers because it's becoming increasingly difficult to make sense of why they all hated each other? 

Kyle Richards Is Not Impressed

On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8 Episode 11, the division amongst the ladies continued to cause problems. 

That's what divisions do, but it's difficult to care when we don't actually know what's going on to make all of these women so mad. 

Would it be out of the realm of possibility for the producers to be lacing the alcohol these ladies consume by the gallon?

In any case, Lisa was still mad because Dorit was dragging her to the other women for being needy, or something. 

But then there was Kyle who wanted to go along for the ride and make the argument last longer. The reason? Because she felt good old LVP held her to a higher standard than the others. 

L to the VP

Sweetie, we all hold our BEST friends to a higher standard than the lower ones on the totem pole. 

Despite things being awkward as hell, the ladies were all gearing up to attend a fashion show for some things at Kyle's New York store. 

Dorit decided it was time to extend the olive branch to Lisa Vanderpump, and she did so in predictable fashion. 

“Things come out of my mouth,” Dorit said. Yeah, somehow, this woman always tries to get out of owning up to anything, and it's pretty tiring. 

Lisa countered that Dorit should not have been running her mouth to the ladies about what she told her about her childhood. 

“I love you, mainly on the strength of loving your husband, and wanting to love you and make it right,” said the SUR boss who seemed like she genuinely wanted to move on. 

Lisa Vanderpump at People's Choice Awards

Despite some back and forth, they managed to put their beef aside. 

However, Bethenny Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York was already on the warpath thanks to Kyle opening up about how Lisa treated her. 

Bethenny wasted no time in opening her mouth, but LVP elegantly brushed her off and thanked Kyle for helping her the night before. See! Was it THAT difficult to say thanks?

In any case, Bethenny was probably upset because she was promised a fight by Andy Cohen or something. It was a big bust, and the rest of the event went on without a hitch. 

Bethenny Frankel in a White Coat

Back in Beverly Hills, Kyle showed up at Lisa's house for some fine dining. Lisa admitted that she did not want to lose her friendship with PK and that she wanted to just move on with her life. 

“Let me ask you a question,” Kyle says: “Do you feel like anything’s at stake with us?"

Lisa admitted that she held her to a different standard because they are better friends. 

“I made a mistake; there’s no buts, ifs, ands, or howevers. I am sorry that I neglected you; I didn’t realize you were that upset,” Lisa said to close of the episode. 

Kyle Richards: The Simple Life 2 Welcome Home Party

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues Tuesdays. 

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