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Last week, Teen Mom 2 fans rejoiced when David Eason was fired from the show for hurling homophobic slurs on social media.

Even before he revealed himself to be the most abhorrent type of bigot, David was not exactly a fan favorite.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Selfie

And it seems viewers weren’t the only ones who were not totally enamored with Jenelle Evans’ controversial husband.

In the days since David’s firing was made official, several stars of the Teen Mom franchise have openly condemned Eason and applauded MTV for cutting ties with him.

The most vocal critic has been Leah Messer’s ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, who went full 8 Mile on David and Jenelle in an Instagram Live rant.

"[Jenelle’s] apology is cracking me up … you can’t sit there and say you didn’t know what was going to happen when you tweeted that stuff about the gay community,” Jeremy said.

“You say you don’t know how to use Twitter but, goddam it, you use it an awful lot for not knowing how to use it.”

Jer Calvert Image

Calvert went on to say David should be living in fear these days:

“If I were them I’d be scared to leave my f**king house or even show my face in public right now,” he told the camera.

Jeremy even went so far as to encourage Jenelle’s previous baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, to fight for full custody of his son:

"If Nathan don’t try to get his kid, I don’t know what to tell that dude,” Jeremy said. “I would have already been in court … even if I had to empty my savings account out, I’d go broke.”

Jeremy went on to deliver a vicious finishing move, deriding Jenelle as "idiots":

Jenelle Evans Engagement Pic

“I know a lot of people in production who won’t go out to Jenelle’s house and put a camera in her face anymore,” Jeremy said.

“I’ve had enough of MTV putting up with these two idiots.”

He drove the nail into David’s coffin with a crack about his lack of employment:

"David’s ass is in hot water, might lose that MTV money, might have to get a f**king job—uh oh,” Calvert said.

As the only Teen Mom baby daddy with a job outside of the show, Jeremy is allowed to talk smack on this subject.

Jeremy Calvert, Daughter

As for Griffith, he’s also speaking out against his ex and her deeply problematic new husband:

"I have my own beliefs and my own opinions but to segregated, belittle and to hate someone based on their opinions, lifestyle, region, race, and/or sexual orientation is wrong,” Nathan tweeted.

“PERIOD! It’s 2018! As long as it doesn’t affect your life, then let it go. #lovemorehateless”

It seems the moms and dads of the Teen Mom franchise are fully woke these days!

And it sounds like they’re eager to leave the Easons in the past.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how troubling Jenelle and David’s behavior can be.