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As documented down below, there’s a lot we don’t know about Audrey Roloff.

But there’s at least one thing we know very well about the Little People, Big World star and that is this:

She adores being a mother.

A Big Kiss for Ember
Photo via instagram

The TLC personality has made it clear in one social media post after another that she was practically born for this role, gushing about daughter Ember Jean and about her role as a parent.

How would Audrey define that role?

Such is the topic of her latest Instagram entry.

"GRACE. If I had to sum up what motherhood has taught me into one word, it would be grace," Roloff wrote to open this profound message.

Audrey has been criticized of late for exploiting her daughter (and/or thoughts about her daughter) in the name of product placement and promotion, but that’s not a concern here.

This post is simply dedicated to life as a mother, what she has learned and how she would sum it all up.

Playing with Ember Jean
Photo via instagram

"I can be pretty hard on myself, and motherhood is teaching me to give myself grace in the moments when I feel unequipped, ill prepared, or like I don’t measure up," Audrey explains.

"On the days when I discover I haven’t been doing something that everyone else seems to be doing, grace. 

"When my ideals don’t fit to reality, grace.

"When I’m overwhelmed by all the conflicting research on all the hot button issues, grace.

"When I start to compare myself to the other mama warriors out there, grace. When I get criticized and accused, grace."

The star continues with the same theme, really hammering it home because it means so much to her.

When I realize I’m not the kind, patient, and loving wife intend to be, grace. When I get down on myself for working too much or not enough, grace. 

When I haven’t checked anything off my to-do list, grace. When I’ve worn the same outfit 7 days in a row, grace.

Aud, Jer and Ember
Photo via instagram

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcomed Ember into the world back in September.

Both were pretty candid at first about the challenges they faced, Audrey in particular when it came to pain while breastfeeding.

However, they relied on each other, on their strong faith and here they are now… proud and excited parents of THIS precious five-month old!

So, where were you, Audrey?

Some Ember Snuggles
Photo via instagram

"I am choosing to release my harsh and sometimes worldly standards and learning to embrace His grace in my weakness," she writes."His power is perfected in my weakness."

Referencing God and the bible again, Roloff concludes as follows:

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9.

In response to her in-depth analysis, Audrey received praise and support from many of her followers.

Love this post so much. It encourages me and reminds me of how I should be. Thank you! wrote debrakgottschalk.

Added willspartner71: Your thoughts and words flow so beautifully and inspire me. Thank you for sharing the wisdom that God has gifted you with. You are amazing.

And here’s ktpapercrafty: What wisdom and strength you have gained as a new mom! Impressive indeed. (It took me a whole lot longer to get to this point as a mom!)

We already knew Audrey was wise, though, didn’t we?

But what we didn’t know about her was this…