Ember Roloff at 5 Months: What Can She Do?!?

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Ember Roloff may be growing up fast, but rest assured:

She's still a total cutie patootie!

The latest Little People, Big World cast member just celebrated her five-month old birthday and her mother was kind enough to share a new photo, along with an extensive new update, on her first child.

Scroll down to be amazed at all Ember can do already...

1. Do Tell, Audrey!

Do Tell, Audrey!
As she has done each month around this time before, Audrey Roloff posted a fresh photo of her daughter on the occasion of her turning five months, and included with it a lengthy caption that opens as follows: "5 MONTHS OLD! She exudes joy and makes our eyes twinkle. This month we switched her to the crib, and we started to establish a bedtime routine."

2. And How is That Going So Far?

And How is That Going So Far?
"Each night we read her a book (our favorite so far is Night Night Train) put on her rain noise machine, and put her down by 7:30."

3. This is Ember at 3 Months Old...

This is Ember at 3 Months Old...
... and she's clearly come a long way, as Audrey explains: "She still loves the bath, playing with her feet, and is now sleeping 10 hour stretches (last night she slept 12)!"

4. She's Growing!

She's Growing!
"She learned to roll over from her back to her belly, and prefers sleeping on her squishy tum tum. Her curiosity has made her a very distracted eater lately, but she is still packing on the lbs like it's some kind of contest."

5. She Has a Best Friend!

She Has a Best Friend!
"She just started to take an interest in Pine the kitty.. uh oh." (LOL, we crack up just imagining them together.)

6. Such a Cutie!

Such a Cutie!
"Her dimples will put a dent in your heart and we just love her baby giggles."

7. In Conclusion:

In Conclusion:
"We love you more and more each day Ember Jean, our little Valentine."

8. Jeremy Jumps In

Jeremy Jumps In
Ember's dad also wished his daughter well via this adorable photo.

9. And This One, Too!

And This One, Too!
Jeremy and Audrey have clearly been doing an incredible job. Ember looks so happy and so healthy.

10. She's Come Such a Long Way

She's Come Such a Long Way
Shortly after Ember was born, Audrey was candid about the challenge of motherhood and the extreme she felt breastfeeding. But she managed to push through.

11. The First Day of Her Life

The First Day of Her Life
What an amazing photo, huh? Truly breathtaking, especially when you compare it to where Ember is now.

12. This Was the 4-Month Photo

This Was the 4-Month Photo
You really can see a difference in just one month, can't you?

13. Congrats All Around!

Congrats All Around!
We continue to send our very best wishes to Audrey, Jeremy, Ember and the entire Roloff family!

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