Roloff Christmas Album: Adorable Baby Photos Galore!

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The stars of Little People, Big World had an extra special reason to enjoy the holiday season in 2017.

Actually, TWO extra special reasons:

  1. Jackson Kyle Roloff.
  2. Ember Jean Roloff.

The son of Tori and Zach and the daughter of Audrey and Jeremy both got to experience their very first Christmas and, naturally, various family members had to snap photos of the babies for the occasion.

We've collected a number of these adorable images below.

Click through and enjoy!

1. Lucky Grandpa

Lucky Grandpa
Matt Roloff made a point to often say how fortunate he was to have two adorable grandkids to spoil on Christmas. He's so great with them both!

2. Christmas Eve Celebration

Christmas Eve Celebration
Awww! Jackson and his father are wearing matching shirts!

3. Actually, Matching ONESIES

Actually, Matching ONESIES
Wow. This is even better.

4. With Santa!

With Santa!
We don't know what Jackson asked Santa for, but we just want more and more photos of this adorable child!

5. Who Are You, Again?

Who Are You, Again?
Santa? Santa CLAUS, you say? Sorry. Never heard of you.

6. First Christmas!

First Christmas!
Look at how proud Audrey and Jeremy are of holding their daughter in this holiday pic.

7. Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect
What is there to even say about this Ember photo? It's a work of art.

8. Take 2!

Take 2!
It's another absolutely gorgeous photo of Ember. What a doll!

9. A Matching Pair

A Matching Pair
Audrey and Jeremy got VERY into the Christmas spirit, as you can tell here.

10. Up Close and Very Cute

Up Close and Very Cute
Ember is clearly very proud of her Christmas look in this photo. And can you blame her?!?

11. Ember Doesn't Want to Sleep, Folks!

Ember Doesn't Want to Sleep, Folks!
She wants to smile and be precious and enjoy Christmas with her parents!

12. Grandpa and Granddaughter

Grandpa and Granddaughter
There he is again! Matt got to spend time around Christmas with Jackson AND Ember.

13. Christmas Tree Shopping

Christmas Tree Shopping
Family time got started early when the parents and their kids went out to cut down their own Christmas tree.

14. Mother and Cute Daughter

Mother and Cute Daughter
Audrey and Ember got all bundled up for this family adventure. What a terrific photo.

15. Does It Get Any More Special Than This?

Does It Get Any More Special Than This?
Of a father celebrating his son's first Christmas? Nor really, right?

16. All Anyone Wants for Christmas...

All Anyone Wants for Christmas...
... are pictures such as this!

17. Crawling on Christmas

Crawling on Christmas
Or almost crawling, at least. Jackson isn't quite there yet.

18. Together on Christmas

Together on Christmas
The little ones got to spend time with each other, and Amy and her boyfriend, around the big day.

19. Hey, Cousin!

Hey, Cousin!
Oh, hey, cousin! You on the floor? Me too! What fun for us both!

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