Scott Disick: Sofia Richie is a Sex-Crazed Nympho, Just Like Me!

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Scott Disick is crazy about Sofia Richie. it's no secret. Just look at the photo he shared of his girlfriend's butt.

A new report alleges that Scott Disick has been bragging about his sex life with Sofia Richie ... and shedding a little insight into what makes their relationship successful so far.

For one thing, it turns out that Sofia Richie is kinkier than Kourtney.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Helicopter PDA

According to a report by HollywoodLifeScott Disick's sex life with Sofia Richie sounds like a huge perk. Which is no surprise.

"One of the things that has Scott so sprung on Sofia is their sex life."

That's not really a surprise. There are brilliant models out there and we're sure that Sofia's a great conversationalist, but Scott didn't spend the bulk of 2017 banging teen models because he doesn't like sex.

"He’s actually pretty respectful and doesn’t share a ton of details, but he does hint that Sofia is way more adventurous in bed than Kourtney ever was."

There are a few types of people who are adventurous in bed: older people who regret their boring sexual histories and want to try something new, people who are naturally experimental and enjoy sex, and people who are desperately eager to please their partner.

Sofia Richie is 19 years old, so she's not the first one. Let's hope that she's the second one, because we would hate to think that she's just bending over backwards (perhaps literally) purely to please Scott and not for herself.

Scott Disick & Brunette Sofia Richie Cuddle

Apparently, that courtesy of not talking too much about his sex life didn't extend to his ex.

"Scott used to complain that Kourtney didn’t have enough sex drive, that she couldn’t keep up with him."

That might just be obnoxious dude bragging, but it may be that an issue in their relationship was different levels of sexual interest.

If that's the case, then we're a little surprised that Scott and Kourtney remained a couple as long as they did. Sexual compatibility is key.

"With Sofia there is no disconnect there, he says she’s just as much of a nymphomaniac as he is."

So much for Scott being respectful, huh? But yeah, if you're a highly sexual person, it's good to have somebody who's on the same page.

And there's more to it than Sofia's willingness to dance in her underwear.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie, Private Plane

The source continues that Scott Disick has something particular in mind that he'd like to try with Sofia.

"Scott’s got a bit of an obsession with threesomes so he’s been trying to make that happen and apparently Sofia hasn’t closed the door on it."

Surely most people have had threesomes during their lifetimes, right? Most young or young-ish people, anyway. Right?

It shouldn't be that big of a deal one way or the other. But if he and Sofia are on the same page, good for them.

"She’s way more open-minded than Kourtney ever way and Scott loves that."

We guess that we can see Kourtney not going for it. She's a mom and she's older, though we hate to stereotype. She may have some personal or religious issue with threesomes, too. Emphasis on may.

Sofia Richie, Brunette Selfie

Total side note?

A lot of fans have noticed that Sofia Richie's undergone a bit of a transformation, and we don't just mean that she's still growing (she is, again, 19 years old; she won't be 20 until August).

Some fans noted that her skin looks darker lately, presumably from spending so much time in the sun.

And pretty much everyone has noticed that Sofia is now a brunette.

Is this what she wants for herself? Or is she transforming herself into a Kardashian facsimile in order to please Scott?

Sofia Richie Bikini Pic

It's kind of creepy that Scott is allegedly oversharing this much with someone who then turns around and blabs about it.

Maybe Scott is feeling insecure because of his age? That might make him feel the need to boast about his sexual prowess and his sex life. Or maybe he's just like this.

Lionel Richie hopes that Scott and Sofia break up, and you can't blame a father for being concerned about his daughter's happiness when she's dating a man as notorious as Scott.

Especially if he's going to brag about her behind her back.

But if this is a relationship that's truly making her happy, good for her.

Some young women go for older guys because the men their own age don't treat them the way that they deserve to be treated. Maybe this relationship really makes Sofia happy. We .... we hope so, we guess.

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