Kim Kardashian Surrogate Speaks Out: I'm Happy, Healthy and RICH!

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As you've likely heard by now, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child this week.

The baby was born via surrogate at Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA early Monday morning.

Kim Kardashian in Tight Dress

Kim made the announcement via her subscription-based app, but at this point, details are still relatively scarce.

We know the baby is a girl, and the delivery went smoothly ... but that's about it.

It might be weeks before Kim and Kanye go public with additional information, but one person who was directly involved in bringing their child into the world is speaking out ... kind of.

Not much is known about the surrogate hired by Kim and Kanye, and it seems that according to her contract, she's not allowed to speak to the press.

But that doesn't mean her parents can't speak to the press.

Kim in Shock

Yes, the anonymous surrogate has contacted her mother and father, and in turn, they gave an interview to Radar Online.

It might be the closest we'll ever come to hearing from the surrogate directly.

Fortunately, the parents have remained anonymous, which means the surrogate is not in violation of her agreement with Kim and Kanye.

“She is doing well,” her mother tells Radar.

“[Tuesday] she told me she felt fine.”

Asked if there were any complications with the delivery, the surrogate's father replied, “No, everything went well. As a matter of fact, she’s at home resting.”

Kimye Family Photograph

“She’s safe at home with her husband,” the mother added.

Unfortunately, there are two matters on which the proud parents played it coy.

For starters, they refused to reveal if their daughter was a fan of Kim's before carrying the reality star's baby.

“She may have been!” her mother remarked vaguely, adding:

“According to what my daughter told me, yes, they got along."

Kim Kardashian on Season 14

And per their daughter's contract, the parents offered no information on how much Kim and Kanye paid for the use of her uterus.

We suppose that's okay.

It's not like we need an exact figure to tell us that the anonymous woman who had the honor of delivering the newest member of the Kardashian-West clan is now very, very wealthy.

UPDATE: According to a new report, Kim's surrogate's salary came in at roughly $68,850 ... or a lot less than you might think.

This was “for all discomfort, pain, suffering, and inconveniences, for pregnancy and pre-birth child support expenses and post-birth expenses.”

Kim Kardashian: Who Needs a Bra?

It's a sizable sum, yes, but a mere fraction of what was expected as payment from one of the wealthiest couples in all of entertainment.

In addition to the flat fee, Kimye covered “obstetrical, nursing, hospital and maternity care, pharmaceutical, pediatrics, or other costs.”

All “medical expenses, fees, costs and services relating to the pregnancy and the birth of the child" were also taken care of.

We suppose that does total quite a bit.

Another report identified the surrogate as La'Reina Haynes, a stay-at-home mom with a degree in criminal justice from the University of Phoenix.

A Saint and His Mom

A 27-year-old who hails from San Diego, she has two sons of her own and posted a promotional video for the surrogate program Family Creations.

This is how Kim and Kanye found her and selected her; Haynes also served as a surrogate in 2014, and that pregnancy went well.

She was recommended to Kimye by Family Creations CEO Julie Alkire and was initially unaware of whose child she would be carrying.

That child, of course, was Chicago West.

She was placed on a strict diet as part of the agreement signed in March of 2017, cutting out all soft cheeses and the like.

Kimye Family Photograph

She also couldn't eat "raw or partially cooked eggs, raw or undercooked meat, cold deli meats, hot dogs" and other items.

Supplements containing Vitamin A, raw peanuts, unpasteurized dairy and juices, raw sprouts and any unwashed fruits and vegetables" were also out.

At no point was the surrogate to consume "tile fish, raw shellfish, mackerel, raw fish, smoked salmon, or swordfish."

Safe to say this baby was very well taken care of. Tuna was permitted ... but "no more than six ounces" in a given week.

The more you know.

UPDATE: Thanks to the arrival of Kylie Jenner's first child Stormi Webster on February 1, we also got to meet little Chicago!

Kylie's video below, released shortly after she gave birth, features Kim's youngest daughter, born via surrogate shortly before.

At one point, the camera zooms in on Chicago, cradled in the arms of the still-pregnant Kylie; Chi looks so peaceful and happy.

Jenner looks like a natural cuddling her precious little niece; Dream Kardashian, still a baby herself, also meets her new cousin.

Cuteness beyond measure:

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