Kendra Wilkinson: Beer Bongs Forever! I'll Never Grow Up!

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Kendra Wilkinson may be married to an ex-football player who once received a hand job from a transgender model...

... but she is NOT a bad parent!

This is the basic message the former Playboy centerfold wanted to get across on Twitter this week.

Kendra Wilkinson on a Hike

It's unclear what spurred Kendra on, but the reality star let loose with a classic rant last night, taking critics to task for how they evaluate her as a mother.

"Honestly who the f-ck wrote the rule that once u have a kid u gotta “grow up," Kendra wondered, adding with less-than-stellar grammar:

"n who said we can’t be who we are? N who said to feel guilty for enjoying yourself as an adult?"

In subsequent Tweets, Wilkinson often referenced the use of a "beer bong," implying that she had recently gulped down some alcohol via one of these devices and refused to feel any shame over it.

"One thing I’ll never do is fall into the sheep like mentality," she added.

k dubs tweets

This is a pretty broad and vague complaint.

Parents are definitely allowed to still have fun and to go out and to spend time with friends.

But, yeah... if you have kids, you can't exactly party as hard as you once did and then sleep off a hangover the following day.

Not when you need to awaken said kids, feed them, get them ready for school, etc.

Mothers and fathers have more responsibility than those who are single, this isn't all that complicated.

"The one thing that people really don’t know about me is how i raise my kids," Kenda continued.

"That’s my most personal thing.  I feel like it’s my own little secret.  My 2 kids are the greatest 2 humans i know n not saying this cuz I’m their mom."

Truth be told, no one does talk very much about Kendra and her kids.

Instead, they wonder about Kendra and her marriage, especially after the 2014 incident in which Baskett got involved physically with Ava London.

Fun Family Day

Hank himself has confessed to sort of cheating on his wife with the transgender star, who told Radar Online about their intimate physical encounter at the time.

“I started giving him a hand job and he was playing with my penis ‘cause he was laying down,” she said.

On January 19 of this year, meanwhile, Baskett was spotted without his wedding ring on.

Does this mean there are problems once again between him and Kendra?

We heard they were headed for a divorce last summer, but the photo above was snapped of the couple and their two kids at Disneyland just a month ago.

Kendra Wilkinson, 2018 Body

Wilkinson didn't address rumors about her marriage in this latest rant.

"I’ve met all types of mothers," she said instead, focused on parenting and adding:

"Sometimes mothers have to leave their kids to provide. They become heroes to their kids. Not all lives look the same. We have to accept that cookie cutter shit isn’t the only way."

Again, that is perfectly fair.

If one's kids are happy and healthy, we're not about to judge the way one achieved this important goal.

But we are gonna continue to ask of Kendra:

Are you going to split from Hank or what?!?

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