Kendra Wilkinson Music Video Pics: What is Going On?!?

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Amazingly, Kendra Wilkinson has made it so that having sex with a man old enough to be her grandfather is now NOT the most unusual thing she has ever done.

That's because the reality star has released a music video for a song titled "Lost in Space."

It features Kendra dressed up like an alien... dancing with a robot... and editing herself into scenes from the former 1960s television show by the same title.

It's too weird to put into words.

So we put it into a few photos! Check out actual photos and GIFs from Kendra Wilkinson's actual music video below:

1. Kendra Wilkinson Video GIF

Kendra Wilkinson Video GIF
Look at Kendra Wilkinson go! This GIF was taken from her "Lost in Space" music video, which must be seen to be believed.

2. Kendra Wilkinson Music Video GIF

Kendra Wilkinson Music Video GIF
We can't believe Kendra Wilkinson has come out with a music video. And we can't believe this is an actual scene from it.

3. UF... Oh, No!

UF... Oh, No!
Just... no.

4. Dancing with a Robot

Dancing with a Robot
Why is Kendra dancing with a robot? A better question might be: Why has she made a music video in the first place?

5. Look at Her Go!

Look at Her Go!
We'd rather not. But Kendra is giving us no choice.

6. Robot Grinding

Robot Grinding
This is now The Robot dance as we were brought up to believe.

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