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If you’re a fan of her family’s, then by now you’ve probably heard the news that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo were married for over a year before they announced her pregnancy, which is almost unheard of in Duggar Land.

So we suppose it stands to reason that fans are clamoring for updates about the long-awaited bun in Jinger’s oven.

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Duggar obsessives have already reached the "we’ll take what we can get" point, as evidenced by the ecstatic reaction to "Jinger’s baby bump" in the photo above.

As you can see … there’s really not much to see.

We suppose if you squint really hard and maybe bust out your magnifying glass, you can make out the slightest shadow of a bump, but apparently, that’s enough for Duggar fans starved for Jinger baby updates.

“Oh my, she is showing!! We need more pics of Jinger’s pregnancy!” commented one fan.

“I see a bump!! So happy for you both!” wrote another.

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Yes, the excitement for Jinger’s baby is very real.

Just imagine what it’ll be like when she posts a photo in which you can actually see her bump.

Of course, not every Duggar fan is anxiously awaiting Jinger’s belly selfies.

“Let the ‘baby bump’ comments go. Leave it alone," wrote one triggered Instagram user.

"Hopefully she will keep her pregnancy private and just between them. Just because her sisters crave the attention doesn’t mean she does!"

The tirade concluded:

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All fans want is for these girls to stay pregnant so they can have their weekly entertainment!”

We’re not sure why this particular fan is outraged, but yeah, that is sort of the deal:

Duggar women get pregnant; Counting On viewers get more psyched than if someone in their actual family was expecting; Jim Bob cashes in; the cycle repeats.

The only one to stray from that lucrative family tradition is Joy-Anna who appears to be steering clear of social media due to those pesky "shotgun wedding" rumors.

We’re sure some fans are upset by that decision, but with three Duggar women currently expecting, they should be able to get their fix elsewhere.

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