Farrah Abraham Slams MTV in Epic Meltdown: You Will NEVER BREAK ME!

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Farrah Abraham has been involved in a lot of bad relationships over the years.

But her partnership with MTV might be her most dysfunctional yet.

Farrah Abraham, Blonde for Single AF

You may have heard the recent rumors that Farrah was fired from MTV due to her continued involvement in the world of online sex work.

We had little reason to doubt those reports, as they came directly from Farrah herself.

But in retrospect, we shouldn't have been surprised that Farrah's story quickly changed.

It's not that she's a liar (though she certainly is).

No, this situation has more to do with Farrah's increasingly tenuous relationship with reality.

Farrah on Instagram

Not long after the news that she'd been axed went public, Farrah claimed that she actually quit the show.

The crazy part is, it seems that she genuinely believed both stories.

As far as we can tell, Farrah basically goaded the network into canning her but was shocked when they did exactly that.

Yesterday, we got our first glimpse of the scene in which Farrah gets fired, and it's a doozy.

Today, we get Farrah's reaction to it in the form of a lengthy Instagram diatribe.

Farrah Abraham in Greece

The rant is one of those baffling word-salads Farrah is famous for.

But, as far as we can tell, her faith in herself, her hatred for MTV, and her belief in the power of the run-on sentence all remain unshaken:

"Never apologize for being an ambitious, confident, and strong minded women, as I become the best Farrah I can be," she begins

"I won’t let a man or network be little me, try to break me, lie about who I am to my core, I’m bullied, surrounded & hurt by all the manipulation."

"I no longer will allow as a protective mother this vulgar behavior, these crews aren’t trust worthy this 'mtv family' is a disgusting gang of power tripping failed producers & executives who have failed."

(Like we said, this one is tough to follow, even by Farrah standards)

Farrah and Sophia Abraham Selfie

She goes on:

"Thank you for canceling my dating show, purposely provoking made up hate to try to limit my episodes your actions have consequences like teen mom should have made you aware."

She later claims that the decision to part ways with MTV was entirely hers ... despite the fact that we now have video that shows her getting fired.

"I will no longer allow this hateful horrible show around my family," she says.

"It's sad producers ruin their top leading network's show because they let their ego, politics, hate, discrimination and horrible sexual harassment behavior ruin a show."

Farrah Abraham Up Close, Personal

Farrah went on to say that her sex toy business has "outshined the Teen Mom brand" and accused her bosses of jealousy.

Naturally, she then goes after her co-stars, even though they seem to have nothing to do with this conflict:

"I'm not stuck down in a Teen Mom pit with fake friends, relationships, horrible producing, not safe for my child environments, unlawful ethics and companies, depression, etc."

Then comes the obligatory Grand Farrah Statement where she blathers on about the children being our future, or something:

"I don’t conduct myself like Viacom’s horrible disgusting ethics and I certainly am raising my daughter to treat people better then MTV’s horrible behavior."

Abraham, Farrah: A Photo

She concludes: "Our next generation should learn to love humans and treat each other with kindness. Thanks Be To God."

Folks, we might have reached Peak Farrah.

It's all here:

The denial, the rage, the nonsensical rambling, the projection.

It's exactly the sort of thing that makes MTV execs glad they finally gave her the boot.

And it's also the sort of thing that makes us hope they'll re-hire her ASAP.

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