Briana DeJesus: PREGNANT With Javi Marroquin's Child?!

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New year, new addition to the ever-growing Teen Mom 2 family?

Yes, fans are convinced there's a little one on the way for Briana DeJesus, however, their theory is based not on an announcement or an incriminating photo, but rather on what they say is a tell-tale emoji.

Briana DeJesus 2018 Photo

Actually, we should say "bitmoji."

That's the term for the little cartoon character version of DeJesus that's been popping up in her Snapchat filters.

As you can see, mini-Bri is sporting a tiny baby bump for 2018.

And since DeJesus uses a lot of filters, and the cartoon versions of herself weren't previously pregnant, many fans jumped to the conclusion that she's sending a subtle message.

Obviously, if Bri were pregnant, that would add fuel to the fire of her ongoing feud with Kailyn Lowry.

As far as anyone knows, Briana is still dating Javi Marroquin, Kailyn's ex-husband and father of her middle child.

Briana With Javi on Instagram

The couple began dating in September of 2017, but at first, they kept their relationship on the down-low.

Kailyn has made no secret of the fact that she does not approve of the relationship.

In fact, she's been quite open about her belief that Briana is simply using Javi to get back at her.

A Briana pregnancy announcement would poke a pretty large hole in that theory, but for the time being at least, it seems Kail doesn't have to worry about Javiana taking things to the next level.

Briana is currently doing the thing where she pretends to be all shocked that anyone thought she was pregnant, and she's acting as though she's baffled by the situation while shooting the rumors down:

Briana & Javi

"No I’m not pregnant lol just never changed my Bitmoji lol," Bri tweeted last night.

So we guess that's that.

Of course, this isn't the first time that rumors about Briana being pregnant with Javi's baby have emerged, and it certainly won't be the last.

The couple is supposedly moving at breakneck speed, despite the fact that Bri lives in Florida, Javi is based in Delaware, and neither seems to have any plan to relocate.

So Kail can breathe a sigh of relief for now, but it's looking more and more like Briana and Javi are more than just a revenge couple.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Bri acting as the show's resident disruptor.

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