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Cayden James may be one of the dullest villains to date on The CW’s Arrow, but he sure knows how to turn up the heat. 

On Arrow Season 6 Episode 11, Cayden was killing people left, right and center to get his point across to Oliver. 

Watch Arrow Season 6 Episode 11 Online
Watch Arrow Season 6 Episode 11 Online

Oliver turned to Quentin and gave him back control of the SCPD to try and bring some safe zones into the city because things were just getting out of hand. 

William was caught up in one of the attacks when he was on a school bus on a trip. Explosions trapped him and his classmates in a tunnel. 

The good thing about having a crime-fighting father is that you get some survival skills that come naturally. Things took a turn when William got cut off from his friends due to the severity of the explosions. 

Stephen Amell for The CW's Arrow
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Oliver saved William, but the kid figured out who was behind the mask, and he was not impressed. 

If you watch Arrow online, you will already know that Oliver promised his kid he would not go back to crime-fighting.

Oliver decided it was bet to let his son spend some time in the bunker to get a feel for the place. Maybe if he got to see the good that Oliver was doing, he would understand. 

This gave Felicity the opportunity to talk about how amazing her husband is at what he does. Slow, but surely, William was coming around to his father’s line of work. 

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“Heroes don’t always make it home; I never forget that,” Felicity said before taking a look over at Laurel’s suit. 

“Oliver hasn’t always been truthful, he’s not perfect, but he makes his sacrifices, and so we have to make ours. You can worry, but you have to believe he’s going to be OK. That’s the only way this works.”

Yes, Felicity is excellent at inspirational talks, and should probably give the team them instead of Oliver from here on out. 

William seemed to warm to the idea of his father being the Green Arrow, so that’s the big positive. 

Oliver later apologized for lying to his son and agreed that there was no excuse for lying. Oliver even went as far as offering to hang up his Green Arrow costume for good. 

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The kid knew how integral to saving the city his father was and wanted him to continue with it. See! There is such a thing as being open and honest. 

Cayden James may have terrorized the residents of the city, but he his influence helped Oliver get closer to his son. 

It’s just a shame Oliver gave up and allowed the transfer of $10 million to the villain at the close of the episode. 

You win some; you lose some. 

What did you think of the episode?

Arrow continues Thursdays on The CW.