The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 6 Recap: All Aboard the Shady Express

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It was about time the Real Housewives of Atlanta went on a trip to stir up some drama. 

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 6 got underway, NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams were embroiled in their biggest bust-up to date. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Cast

“You couldn’t even be here if it weren’t for a bitch like me!” NeNe shouted at Porsha, reiterating the fact that she was Queen and everyone else was merely her minion. 

“You f—ed Kandi over. She had your back, bitch!” NeNe continued. “You sit on your show and you lie every day, but we good. The door is closed! The door is closed!”

With that, NeNe decided it was time to make a getaway from the dinner because things were just getting tenser by the second. Sheree felt bad for playing peacekeeper when she spoke to Porsha. 

“Who the f–k is perfect at this table?” Porsha cried to Sheree in the aftermath. To be fair, she had a good point. None of these women are perfect. 

Porsha Williams Selfie

NeNe tried to claim she did not mean anything by her comments to Andy about firing Porsha. She asked a question, and she answered it. 

The rest of the women seemed to think Porsha needed to stop acting like a kid and grow up. 

While Porsha felt she could cut the tension with a knife, she realized that she needed to change things up or she ran the risk of being ousted from the group. 

When the ladies met up, the drama seemed to dial back until Kenya started bawling and confirmed she was going to bury the woman who raised her. 

Cynthia Bailey and Her Hair

Cynthia noticed that Porsha was still upset and told her to speak with NeNe about what happened and accept responsibility for what happened. 

Porsha agreed, and said she would give NeNe some time to cool down before speaking to her. 

With Kenya upset because her dearly departed family member, Marlo, Sheree and Porsha thought it was a good idea to throw her a surprise wedding celebration. 

The ladies were not invited to the real wedding, and that was likely because Kenya wanted to keep it all quiet. They even managed to get Kenya's husband, Mark in on the action. 

But, there was a twist. He was not there in the flesh, it was a cardboard cutout. Cynthia has been known to speak to everyone about other peoples secrets, so she was kept in the dark about all of this. 

Kenya Moore on the Red Carpet

Kenya was ecstatic and found it all to be pretty funny. It was great for her because she got to speak some more about the big wedding. 

Porsha even tried to change things up between her and Kandi, but Kandi did not seem impressed. 

“I want to be able to have a good time amongst the group,” Kandi said. “I’ll give you your space and have a good night,” Porsha said.

At the end of the trip, Kenya was gone, and the ladies wasted no time in chatting about her wedding. Kandi said that she and Todd tried to get a glimpse of Mark while they were in New York. 

She then went on to say that it was odd Kenya was keeping him in private, and it all turned into another big argument. 

Cynthia Bailey in a Hat

Marlo argued that Cynthia was not that close to Kenya or she would have known in advance about the wedding. 

Cynthia ultimately stormed out and told NeNe the other women needed to quit dragging Kenya. 

“I don’t want them to make fun of her in front of me,” Cynthia said. “I think they’re questioning why a friend would not introduce another friend to their husband.”

Cynthia eventually confirmed she was hurt that she did not get to attend the big wedding. 

Will this come back to bite her?

Hit the comments. 

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