Kylie Jenner: Put on BLAST for Ridiculously Expensive Brush Set

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Here's some free advice for Kylie Jenner:

You may want to hurry up and announce your pregnancy to the world.

It will serve as a distraction to another announcement you recently made, one that is not being met with positive reviews from your fans.

Kylie Goes Metallic

Late this week, Jenner's shockingly successful makeup business alerted the public to a brand new 16-piece brush set that is now on sale.

This Kylie Cosmetic kit - which features a number of sleek-looking brushes - is the third product in the Silver Series set from the popular brand... and is being offered for $360.

Yes, $360. For a bunch of brushes.

In response to this hilarious/ridiculous figure, fashion blog publisher and fans jumped on social to express their disappointment over the price, prompting Kylie to respond with a tweet of her own on Saturday.

It reads:

“I have developed for you guys the most amazing luxury brushes ever. I am very excited! Real brushes don’t compare to synthetic brushes.

"Different performance/quality/everything. I am 100% down to do an entire synthetic line in the future which will ultimately be cheaper.”

She added:

"I always fight for the lowest price on all my products. Here are some other real brush lines for reference..."

brush prices

And she's right: there's one set in the above-referenced collection that retails for $650.

Jenner went on to acknowledge the criticism, telling followers: 

"I hear you guys, love you guys and truly just want the best."

Whatever Kylie is doing at her company, it's clearly working.

A somewhat recent report valued Kylie Cosmetics at $1 billion, which is just... it's totally and completely and utterly insane.

What started as a simple lip gloss kit has blossomed, in just a couple of years, into a global empire.

Still, that doesn't mean everyone was satisfied with Kylie's explanation or the price of these brushes.

"Thanks but I’ll buy food with that money instead," wrote one Internet user, while another added:

"Sorry girl but that’s just waaaay to expensive! There are so many other brands that make quality brushes for affordable prices.”

Others said they were worried about with whether or not the brushes were cruelty-free and asked what type of hair was used in the brushes.


This is serious business, apparently, this makeup stuff.

Women do NOT mess around when it comes to their products.

And despite its financial success, Kylie Cosmetics has not received high grades from the Better Business Bureau.

“All I’m saying is if you wanna charge luxury prices, provide luxury quality," wrote one critic.

It's hard to argue with that point, isn't it?

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